You don't know

Every week in US Weekly a new celebrity is featured in "25 things you don't know about me" . It's actually one of my favorite sections in the magazine and some of the facts are seriously fascisinating. I've often thought about what I would stick on a list of 25 things about myself, and then realized...I have my platform...may as well go for it!

1. I was born with my hips dislocated
2. I'm lactose intolerant
3. If someone starts to cry when accepting an award, I will automatically cry too
4. I would love to spend a month a year living in a hotel
5. If I could quit my job tomorrow and turn into a stay at home mom, I would
6. Salmon sashimi is my favorite food
7. I eat way too much peanut butter during the day
8. I can talk very clearly with my mouth closed (camp trick)
9. I have a vacation house in Mexico
10. People think I look a lot like Jenna Bush
11. I go to bed before 10pm on work nights
12. I have 3 or 4 La Croix's a day (sparking water)
13. I am an 50% homebody 50% party girl
14. Martha's Vineyard is probably my most ideal place to be on any given day
15. I hate getting manicures because I have a hard time sitting still for that long
16. I am a reality tv junkie
17. I strongly believe the Law of Attraction
18. I only see movies that will make me laugh and smile. I don't need the extra drama.
19. I love to crack people's knuckle's and backs
20. I love to travel, and hate to fly
21. I am a big, big fan of red wine and champagne
22. I have a lot of road rage
23. My first job was a hostess
24. I talk to my mom every single day
25. I can't leave my house unless all of my couch pillows are perfectly arranged


  1. I love reading random things about people... thanks for sharing!!

  2. love this! so fun! i am totally with you on 11,13, and 25!!!!!! :)

  3. Fun! I talk to my mom every day too. It's perfect!

  4. Not only do I love this...I also have noted that we have lots in common. Peanut Butter-Check. Road Rage- Check. Hate flying, but wants to see the world- Check.

  5. Tess! I love this! Thanks for the follow, I'm so excited, how have we never talked about our own blogs before?

    Also this list is fantastic. I call my mom everyday and dream of visiting Martha's Vinyard, too. We need to make a dinner date happen, maybe with the boys? Johnny and I will have to head north for some vino - or visit that restaurant by your place you mentioned once ...