Ohhhh weeee!!!!!I love the drama of a good weather emergency! Especially one that allows me to work from home tomorrow and bunker down!

In case you haven't heard, here in Chicago, we are supposed to have over 20 inches of snow, wind gusts up to 60mph, and dangerously high waves off of Lake Michigan. Possible life-threatening, record-breaking storm.

[I do have to say that I like all of the hype around scary things like this, only because I'm blessed enough to be safe and warm at my house. For everyone who isn't, I worry and hope that they can find a warm shelter for the storm. We have a lot of homeless people in this city and their safety greatly concerns me, so I am praying that they'll be okay too.]

I'm not feeling 100% - actually electively took the afternoon off (only to find out that my office was let out at 3pm! Ugh...bad move...) - so I'm watching the storm, with a cup of tea and lots candles going. I hope to make a good casserole tonight, enjoy a glass of wine, and play a fun board game, which is like my absolute ideal way to spend a snow day!

I'm such a dork, and if Joel would have allowed me, I probably would have been stocking up for this storm days ago just like the rest of the weather crazies out there. I get that from my Dad, who just so happens to be enjoying this storm from the beaches of Mexico! I texted my mom though, that I'm almost a little sad he isn't here to get into all of this craziness because he would love it.

Almost as much as I am right now!


  1. Your snow day sounds absolutely fantastic! We are supposed to get 12 to 16 inches in Portland, and let me tell you, this place does not know how to handle themselves in snow. Unfortunately we still have class this evening, but I am almost 99% sure we have a snow day tomorrow! Be safe, and enjoy "the show." PS, I love high stressed weather emergencies too. Except they are less fun when you live solo.

  2. My boyfriend's dad just sent me a picture of a beautiful beach--they're in Mexico for a few days. How lucky for them that they're in warm temps during that brutal chicago storm