Closet DIY

Over the weekend, I had to do something about the top shelf of my closet. 

For the last few months (like 12) the top shelf has been the pit that collects the clothes I don't care about, but want in arms length. Read: Sweats.

Joel tells me that I have a box obsession and for some reason, I felt like I shouldn't spend another $18/box, so I decided to get crafty. 

I had Joel haul up 3 moving boxes from our storage room so that I could fancy them up. After a roll of pretty pink, paisley wrapping paper, I now have 3 pretty boxes on my shelf that hide all of my junk.

Pretty handy...and even better when I think about the fact that my closet looks much more organized, and only cost me $2.99


  1. This is SUCH a good idea. The top shelf of my closet collects "stuff" too. It's a disaster haha.

  2. What a great idea! Looks great!

  3. nice work! makes everything look nice and organized.

  4. Looks beautiful! You are so resourceful!