Motivating Monday

Sometimes when I know I need a run, and I can't find the energy or the motivation to get my butt out there, I put on some upbeat jams and take to google.

Quotes and sayings inspire me to get out a move.

Putting on my workout clothes is always the first step in actually working out

I'm also a big fan of completing tasks. I like to look at a schedule and be able to physically put an X through the day when I successfully finished my planned run or workout.

When I'm being active and diligant with my workouts, I like to immerse myself in a whole healthy lifestyle. I like to cook reciepes from Skinnytaste.com and check up on daily tips at Fitsugar.com

I am, by no means, a perfect example of how to stay healthy, but with what I'm doing, I get have fun and enjoy being active and eating right, and it allows me to better enjoy the days and meals where I'm not.

Life is all about moderation, no?


  1. Love your blog just found you..look forward on reading more...Ah workouts don't you just love them??? stop by my blog when you get a chance...

    The Shabby Chick

  2. Quotes are the best to get motivated! :)

  3. Catching up on all your posts. Oh how I have missed leaving you comments!! You are too cute in your workout gear. Love those motivating quotes :)