Freshman Blues

As the oldest sister of 3, I have a hard time watching my younger sisters grow up.

My baby sister Nellie just left for college at the University of Kentucky.

I'm still not sure how she ever passed the age of 5, but somehow she did and grew up to be an absolutely gorgeous, talented, and sometimes annoying 18 year old.


What's even harder is watching my younger sisters go through pain, rejection, fear and anxiety.

And unfortantley, that's exactly what's going with Nellie right now.

She had to say goodbye to my parents last weekend because she is beginning rush week at UK. Do you remember when you had to say goodbye to your parents before college? I was a crying mess....

No one in my family, so far, has ever rushed a sorority house, but Nellie really wanted to give it a go, so we got her all decked up for rush week and sent her on her merry way. 

I don't think Nellie knew what she was in for because at UK, they take rushing very seriously. There is a lot of pressure and anxiety during the entire rushing. It's never easy to feel like you really love a house, and the girls inside, only to find out the next day that they didn't pick you.

Thankfully Nellie still has 3 houses that she really liked, but of course, she is rooting for one (Delta Gamma).

Today at 2pm rush week ends and all of the girls find out which house they will be in.

Nellie is such a great kid, and everyone loves her, I just don't want to see her heart break if for some reason it doesn't work out the way she hoped.

She is staying super positive and knows that she'll end up where she is supposed to, but I can't help but feel like a nervous wreck for her!
Fingers are crossed for some good news!!


  1. I hope everything goes the way she wants! Keep us posted!

  2. Oh girl...I could have written this myself! Best of luck to your sister...she is going to have a BLAST! I do understand though. I'm the oldest of 3 and it is just so crazy to see my brother and sister go of to (and graduate from!!) college. She will love talking to you about everything new and exciting! :)

  3. you sound like an amazing big sister! Rush is so stressful but it really always does work out for the best! Just tell her to be herself and she will end up in the right house!