Fashion Friday

Remember this outfit that I posted on Wednesday?
Well, all of those pretty pieces are some brand new lovies that I picked up last weekend in hopes of starting to build my NYC wardrobe.
I thought about saving all of the goods, but I honestly couldn't look at a pretty outfit and not take it out on the crowd.
Can I tell you how long I've been looking for skinny, white jeans? Banana Republic was the last place I thought I would find them and when I put them on in the fitting room, I literally squealed - they were totally coming home with me!
Also, can I tell you about these shoes?
See how the leather is 2 different colors? Well, I asked the manager if that was intentional, and she told me it was not, however, that the pair was the last they had in the store.

The difference of color in the leather didn't bother me one bit, and I would have paid full price for them, but she told me should give me a 20% discount. When I got up to the register, the cashier told me they were part of the 40% off sale. When she *incorrectly* added up all of my discounts, the grand total for these puppies was $22.00

No big deal.

Oh, and the top, while I love it, doesn't have a fun story. I snagged it up at the Gap on their 30% off Wednesday.

 Also, Joel is going to make a cameo since I had to snap his OOTD. He picked up a new blazer for NYC from J.Crew and I can't get over how stylish he is looking! We should make a pretty good pair for our trip - and more shopping to come...don't you fret!


  1. I love a good deal! I snagged some GREAT ones at Ann Taylor Loft this weekend. I was so excited!