• I am loving that the temperatures in Chicago are cooling down significantly. I honestly couldn't handle the +100 degree heat any longer
  • I am loving that one of my college besties, Lauren, is coming into the city on Friday. We are going to hit up one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Quartiono's, and just have a great time getting up to speed on each other's lives
  • I am loving my new boss. He is a breath of fresh air, super positive, very focused and energetic, and someone I can learn a lot from. He is a needed addition and is going to make my entire job 
  • I am loving lots of the lots of yummy recipes I've been trying lately. Last nights dinner was our favorite so far; breaded chicken wraps with a cheddar chipotle dressing with a side of corn with cayenne pepper. Yum! 
  • I am loving the arm parties I've been hosting
  • I am loving that my littlest sister is leaving to go to college on Friday. She is going to be a Wildcat at the University of Kentucky and I can't wait to hear about all of her stories.

Yea, that's my sister.....and she is an incredibly talented artist....remember I told you about "Nellie Tyrrell" here first...
  • I am loving leftovers. This is crazy, because I've always hated them....but as an adult, they make life so much easier, taste better than lean cuisine, and cost less than Corner Bakery. You gotta take what you can get!
  • I am loving this clean and crisp laundry room
  • I am loving that I'm heading to NYC is only 24 days. Plus, I love that I have lots of fun activities planned up until we head out, so it won't feel too long!

  • I am loving life these days. Family is good. Health is here. I've got a great boyfriend. I see my friends often and have tons of fun with them. Work is fulfilling (enough). What more can you ask for?
Don't you love that we are half way through the week?

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  1. love that laundry room and it sounds like you are having a great time right now!