Let It Be

Good morning!

How are you?

It's already half way through the week - and I'm just now getting to my blog for the first time this week! It's been a pretty busy week.
Friday night, Joel and I stayed in to do laundry, and we treated ourselves with some yummy wine and thin crust pizza.

On Saturday morning I woke up and got a manicure.

I went with Essie's summer color "Braziliant"
Can you spot the small chip on my middle finger? Ugh!
Unfortunately, I had to go to the nail salon 3 times on Saturday because my freaking nails kept chipping!

On Saturday night, we had all of Joel's high school friends in town and went out to dinner and to the bars. Sunday included a day at the pool in Crystal Lake and a big family dinner.

On Monday, I was lucky enough to get a chance to see Sir Paul McCartney, play live, at Wrigley Field. I went with an amazing friend, Jenna, and it was honestly the best concert I've ever been to.

Jenna's brother Justin, and his darling girlfriend Amy, joined us at the concert
At 70 years old, Mr. McCartney is one hot dude. He rocked out for over 3 hours, non-stop. Concerts at Wrigley are such an experience, so even though it was hot (and the smell of lots of sweaty bodies was intoxicating) it was an event I'll never forget.

Today, I'm getting on the golf course for work....again! Who am I?

Wish me luck.


  1. Oh what an amazing weekend you had. First off I love that shade of nail polish. Oh and you got to go to Sir Paul McCartney's concert, wow that must have been a lot of fun.

  2. sounds like such a fun weekend. Love the polish color!

  3. So jealous! The Beatles are my fav band ever!

  4. You and Joel are SO STINKING CUTE TOGETHER. I love that picture of you guys :)