Do you lulu?

Once you go LuLu, you never go back.

Last year for Valentine's Day Joel got me the In Stride hoodie in purple and it quickly became my go-to hoodie.

I honestly struggled for a year debating if buying $100 yoga pants would really be worth it.

I tried them on in the stores, at least 10 times, always leaving empty handed.

Finally this weekend, I bit the bullet my mom treated me to a whole new outfit:

I find the pants to run a little big so I size down.
The entire ensemble is perfect for running errands, doing things at home, fitness classes, and walks. (I'm not sure I would take these babies on a long run...)

You look cute, put together, and you are comfy as all get out. 

PLUS, the clothes was really well, don't pill, and fit your body well. 

Have I sold you yet?

Since my mom outfitted me this time, I'm planning a trip back for a pair of long pants and a new hoodie.


  1. I got a lulu gift card for Christmas and got the In Stride jacket in indigo/white stripes and LOVE it! I also got lucky and got a pair of the pants "on sale" ($79 is still ridiculous but better than $100, haha). I love them...but unless I get more gifts I can't see forking over my own moolah for the stuff.

  2. I have two Lulu tanks that are perfect for Barre, but I can't bring myself to buy the pants yet! I have heard amazing things, though...

  3. I can't tell you how many times I've visited the Charlotte store but have yet to go through with a purchase. I live in a teeny town now and they just opened a store so I am planning to make a visit soon. It seems every single girl that lives here is wearing at least one lulu item everyday, which kinda makes me not want to buy some, though. Can't decide!! But this post definitely helped. That hoodie looks AMAZING!

  4. I was just like you having a hard time splurging on workout clothes, but I have to say they are my favorite pants ever. I'm so glad I did.

  5. I have the wunder pants (long ones) and love them. Wearing them as I type this, actually. I want a pair of cropped ones too.

  6. I've heard of Lulu but can't bring myself to spend that much money on workout clothes. Maybe once I get to a point where I'm happy with my weight I'll splurge, but we'll see!

  7. I have been resisting to try on the pants because I know once I do I will HAVE to have them!

  8. I have a hard time wearing Nike since I've been converted to Lulu! I absolutely love everything I have, and it's important to always check the stuff on sale if there is stuff. I got a bunch of tops after Christmas for $19 each! Worth the splurge for sure!

  9. why wouldnt you use for a long run? im thinking about making the plunge too.