Here & There Bullets

  • I had 2 nanny interviews yesterday. The second interview I had last night was absolutely the most uncomfortable situation ever. The mom was nice, but dropped a few hints that made me sure I would not enjoy working with her. The few examples I have, don't really pack a powerful punch (like she said no cell phone use, no rock music, and no vacation days) or maybe they do? I don't know. Either way, I'm not about to accept a job that I get bad vibes about during the stinkin' interview!
  • At least I have reason's to be getting out and leaving the house!
  • I'm trying to replace all of our old Chicago favorites; sushi places, bars, nail salons, etc. I tried to get a mani/pedi yesterday and it was a totally botched job. Even though it was only $25.00 bucks, the expierence blew. Won't be going there again!
  • I'm so excited to spend the weekend with Joel. He had to be in Arizona all day yesterday, so I'm looking forward to some legit quality time.
  • I feel like I'm on vacation - and at some point going back home. I'm not sure if this feeling will ever fully go away.
  • Hunger Games....you guys?! I don't have pre-sale tickets, so Joel and I are going to try and go early next week on like a Tuesday.
  • I have a girl crush on Hilary Duff and I'm so happy that she had a bouncy baby boy. I'm not obsessed with the name Luca, but it could be a whole lot worse! If only she needed a nanny! 
  • You know who I'm not loving lately....Bethenny Frankel. I feel like she is trying so hard to throw Jason under the bus, make him the bad guy, and ruin the seemingly good relationship she has going. Now granted, I'm sure people would think I'm crazy if I had a camera crew living with me, but I think Bethenny can be incredibly vicious and seems to have lost a little humility. 
  • I've been having spinach, strawberry, banana, and greek yogurt smoothies every morning. I love the idea that I'm getting a serving of vegetables first thing in the morning, and the shake keeps me super full until lunch. Bonus = if you put enough strawberries in there, it's not green! 
  • Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. No rock music... what is this, Footloose? You are smart to run!

    I know what you mean about trying to replace your mani/pedi go-to. When I moved from New York to Atlanta, it took forever to find a good spot... and in NYC they are on every corner! And they still do the mani/pedi a bit differently here.

  2. Hunger Games. I'm also going Tuesday. SO EXCITED.

    I hope something good happens on the job front soon.... clearly that lady was crazy.

  3. No vacation days or rock music?! Pretty sure I wouldn't want to work for someone like that either! If she's telling you stuff like that just during an interview I can only imagine the crazy list of rules she would have for you once you started!

    If this move a permanent one for you guys or will you eventually be moving back to Chicago? I hope it starts to feel like home for you soon!

  4. Being Hilary's nanny would be so much fun!! I wonder how much money that would pay. Who am I kidding, I would do it for free. I hope you find a fun nanny job soon!

  5. No rock music, ha! So funny. You should look for babies to take care of... they tend to be the easiest ; ) Missed u at book club last night. xo!

  6. Can't wait to hear all about the nanny job. People in LA are crazy.

    Luca is my favorite name for a girl. Not a fan of it for a boy at all.

    I hope you have a great weekend;)

  7. Run the other way from that family! I don't know if you've checked out VIP Nannies, but it's just for nanny jobs in LA. May be worth checking out!

  8. I am so disappointed w the new season of Bethenny! She tries to play the victim but I just can't feel bad for a girl w so many Hermes bags and a supportive husbands who puts up w so much! She is becoming so unrelatable.

    And speaking from experience: if you get a bad feeling during the interview, it will definitely be the wrong fit for you!

    Thanks for returning to blogging! I missed your posts!!! You are such a positive person and I look forward to your down to earth blog!

  9. Some day the feeling that you are on vacation will go away. I promise. Although I can't promise that you still won't have some days where it hits you that you are living somewhere you never thought you'd be. :) I actually had one of those moments today.