LA Chronicles #1

On Sunday night my mom and I cheered 2 coronas and boarded our Virgin America flight (my 1st one way ticket) to LAX.

We woke up Monday morning and didn't miss a beat. I had to take my mom to my favorite LA spot - thus far - which is Runyon Canyon. 

It's about a fifteen minute drive from my new apartment and offers out of control views, and a really good workout. 
From there, we hit up Target, Home Depot, World Market, Urban Home.....you get the picture. 

Monday night, we met friends in Santa Monica for a drink at R & D Kitchen, then had dinner with my cousins at Yomato in Westwood Village (which was a great recommendation from Britt!)

On Tuesday, after errands, we went back to Hart of Dixie set to check out filming. I was hoping to meet, and become besties with Rachel Bilson, but no such luck.

Tuesday night, we were in the mood for margarita's so we tried Casa Azul in Westwood which was amazing (again, thanks to Britt)! I'm so excited to try all of the new restaurants and bars in Los Angeles....in fact, exploring eveything that California has to offer is what I'm most looking forward to about this whole move.

And...here's a sneak peak of what my apartment is starting to look like.

Once the rest of my things arrive, I might even pull out my fancy camera and take some legit pictures!


  1. Yay!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your first days in LA. Can't wait to see more of the apt!

  2. Looks like a great time so far! And that's cool you got to go on a set - how fun!

  3. How come your mom looks like your older sister?? Seriously, no fair.

  4. Yay so fun! What a great new chapter!