Penny for your thoughts


I really don't understand how one comes up from the dirt pile that I call grief. How do you pick up the pieces of your life and just begin to move on like nothing has happened...nothing has changed? When you lose a loved one (like a real loved, loved, loved one) how do you go forward?

I have this thick layer of anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, and confusion laying on my chest, and I'm working to emerge from it slowly.

I've been wanting to blog, begin the process of continuing  on, but sometimes it doesn't feel right.

Either way, I know Aunt Peggy would want me to, so I'm going to start again the only way I know how to....
 and that's to just...do.
 Could this really be the end of ballet flats?

I refuse to believe that, but I do love the look of penny loafers, so I'm willing to give the trend a shot.

I came across these cuties, and had to pick them up.
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I was a little worried that my loafers looked more punk than preppy, but they do add a funky edge to your typical outfit.

I basically figured that any outfit I wear my black Reva's with, I could swap in with my new Steve Madden black suede loafers.

I think my next loafers have to be the leopard print....or, even a pop of color if I decided to get really crazy. 

How did you like that for trying to move right along?


  1. I'm not sure anyone really knows how to move forward after a loss. I think you just lean on the people you love and try to keep going. Keeping you in my prayers friend!

    P.S. I have the steve madden leopard print loafers. Lurve with a capital L.

  2. I have leopard print loafers and I LOVE them!! I love ballet flats but I paired my loafers with shorts, button down and spring sweater last week - it made for a great outfit!

    I am so sorry about your Aunt. I'll keep you in my prayers!

  3. Live your life with that big smile that I am sure lights up the room for everyone..just like you said, she would want you to!

  4. I'm not sure I could pull off the loafer trend, but I'm a big lover of my flats. haha

    The only way you can start living day to day again is by actually living day to day and go about things as you normally would. I lost my Nana almost a year ago and I took it extremely hard, it still comes to me now and again. And as unhealthy or whatever as it may be, I still refuse to delete her phone number from my cell. Idk when I ever will.
    But really it's just about staying busy and going about your life as you would if she were still here. It'll get easier and before you know it, you'll get to a place where you'll smile at a memory of her instead of wanting to cry. I promise.

  5. There is no easy way to move on after a loss, you just start to learn how to deal with the pain. Hopefully sooner rather than later you will start to remember the wonderful moments instead of the not so great ones.

    I am not sure if I can pull off the loafer trend. I love it, but I think my ballet flats look better on me. I say this now, but in 2 months I am sure I will have a pair:)

  6. I'm loving the new shoes - very stylish!