weekend report

My first real weekend in Los Angeles was a success!

On Friday, I had 2 successful nannying interviews, but the hunt still continues. Nannying is my Plan B so I'm hoping this week ahead includes some corporate interviews. The good part about nanny interviews is that you don't have to wear a suit!

On Friday night, Joel and I walked into Westwood Village and had dinner at Palomino. I really like that we have a downtown walking distance...it makes life (and drinking) so much easier. We had a few drinks, a really good dinner, and a great table and enjoyed some time for just the two of us.

It's been pretty cold and rainy here in LA, so I ended up wearing this outfit AND a jacket!

After dinner we walked down the street and got a seat at the bar at a place called The Glendon. It's got a great vibe, cool scene, we watched the end of the Kentucky game and we were home by 11:30.
Saturday morning we met my cousins for brunch at Kings Road Cafe in Studio City. We ended up seeing this guy at breakfast....
I was hoping more for Jessica Simpson, but we're starting slow!

The bonus part to breakfast was that my cousin gave me his old beach cruiser that he has never used!
Isn't she cute?!
On Saturday night we had my close family friend and his girlfriend over dinner. It was a great excuse to get the house all cleaned up and have some friends over. We drank copious amounts of wine but ended up having a great time.


Then, on Sunday, I went on another Blate! I met the sweet Brittney from True Britt. We had a 2 hour brunch at Napa Valley Grill in downtown Westwood - and it was so nice to talk with someone who went through such a similar "up rooting" situation and has now fallen in love with her California home.

Now, Joel and I are off to see The Hunger Games with a friend from Chicago who moved here about a year ago. It's been so nice to be around a lot of people...it's making me feel like this is going to work out just fine. We are putting ourselves out there, and having a lot of "firsts" but I think that's the only way to move to a new city and actually enjoy it!


  1. Good for you Tess! Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself :)

  2. Glad to hear your settling in well! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Moving can be such a pain. Good luck, if you keep putting yourself out there, it will get better. Your house looks adorable!

  4. I should have read this post before I sent that email, because you are already doing an amazing job of getting involved and meeting people! I'm glad you loved Britney- she is awesome :) And we were actually at Palomino the night before, and I'm dying to go back again. Wasn't it amazing!?

    Oh and if you need any help/advice with the nannying thing, feel free to ask me! I'm a nanny, and I actually had an easy time with getting interviews, which isn't typically the case!