focusing on the positive

  • And...the fact that my girlfriends are coming over tonight to order in and talk shop. With Joel away on business, it's been very, very lonely around here
  • And....that my Save The Dates are being stamped and will be in the mail soon!
  • And....new TV shows to clog up my DVR - Hello, The Bachelor and Vanderpump Rules
  • And....the fact that cheese and prosciutto are allowed on my "can eat" list
  • And....the ability to work out at lunch in my office's gym
  • And....that my sister is home from Spain, even if it's only for a week before she moves to our house in Punta Mita until May.
  • And....that I'm finally getting an Ipad this week!
  • And....good phone calls with friends from home
  • And....California's winter. 
  • And....wine.


  1. I'm watching Vanderpump Rules from last night... I kinda love it but I'm nearing the end of the episode and they're kind of grating on my nerves.

    More Lisa less slutty women. Just saying.

    Yes wine. I opened my first bottle in a while last night and I am in a much better mood.


  2. You are going to love the iPad! I use it for everything. Are you going to post your Save the Dates? I love checking out what other people do.

  3. Lots to be thankful for! :)

    And yay for Save the Dates!!!

  4. Please show those save the dates!! Thanks for sharing...im in a totally bad mood with it being January. Nice little positivity reminder!

  5. Definitely a great list of things to be thankful for. Enjoy your girls night. :)

  6. Such good things to be thankful for!