The Best $200 I've spent

World market was having a chair sale a week ago, so on a whim after work, I popped in and walked out with these bad boys about an hour later.

In the store, I loved the fabric but wasn't 100% sure how it would mesh with the rest of my house. Thankfully, I think they were a match made in heaven.

They are a little busy with the rug, but they don't compete and I quite like all of the fun going on in my little dining room.

There are still a lot of items we need for this condo - and next one up is going to be a headboard for our master, but we are inching away and turning this place into quite the stylin' home if I do say so myself.


  1. I've been thinking this for a while - every time you post pics of your apartment, actually - but you have amazing style.

    I am LITERALLY the worst decorator on the planet. I think it's a gene missing in my family because we never had a perfectly gorgeous home growing up.

    I'm gonna need you to teach me your ways. Mr. RH and I are literally starting from scratch.


    Did I mention we're also poor.


  2. So cute! We need a nice new dining set. The one we currently have, we bought off friends when we got married. It was perfect for when we were in our apartment due to the size, but it's sad when your bar chairs (that are Broyhill) are nicer than your dining table now. lol

  3. Oh they look great!! Funny you mentioned a headboard because I just ordered one on Sunday! We have been without for a year almost. I was looking at PB and found several at Target that were very similar. I got a nailhead one. Good luck!

  4. Love those chairs! Such a great find & I agree with Sarah, you have fantastic style.

  5. I love a mix of different chairs. Yours are perfect.

  6. We need bedroom furniture. But it's so hard when you rent!!

  7. I love them! A headboard is next on my list too. They can be SO expensive so I'd love to build one. Now to just find the time to do that!

  8. I love how they look with the two other wooden chairs.