Weekend Report

 Friday was one of my favorite California days. After work, and after a spa day for Roscoe, we went on a little puppy play date with my girl Shelby, had afternoon wine, and just enjoyed the day. It was such a great way to end the week.

I picked Joel up from work and we went to dinner with his friend from Chicago, his wife, and adorable 6 year old daughter. Since they were visiting from Chicago, they wanted to go to a top chef restaurant and at the last minute we ended up going to Stefan Ricter's restaurant - LA Farm in Santa Monica.

We were one of the first reservations, since we were dining with a 6 year old, but that gave us ample Stefan time. He came over to sit with us, talk shop, and recommend all of his favorite dishes - all while downing a few tequilas, which made me instantly like him.

 The food was really good but prices were steep and the ambiance was not my favorite.  I would go again, maybe for a work lunch, but I'm not sure we'll  be heading back anytime soon.

 We woke up Saturday morning and finally got back out on the trails for a run. We did four tough miles but it felt good to get back into it. Afterwards, we went for lunch at Reel Inn for an amazing post run re-fuel.

While we were there Brooke Burke and her husband - and kids - all came in for lunch too, which was a fun celeb spotting!

Saturday night we cooked an amazing eggplant parmesan - a favorite in our no carb house - and watched You've Got Mail.

Joel left for a business trip for the week, so I took advantage of my alone time and took myself to a Pinkberry lunch (salted caramel is back!) and to see This Is 40. The movie was long, but I found it to be a sweet and realistic love story. Plus, I didn't realize that the daughters in the movie are Leslie Mann's real daughters!

 Leslie Mann is pretty much a babe! 



  1. And then you had an almost-hitched-bitch fest that made your night. Pretty much the highlight of my weekend, no joke.

  2. i had no idea those were her real daughters! i liked the movie too, just a bit too long!

    so jealous of your outdoor trail running! it's in the teens and twenties here! :(

  3. I LOVE Leslie Mann! Cannot get enough of her! I'm going to have to put This is 40 at the top of my must-see list now. :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Leslie Mann is amazing and yes her daughters have been in a few movies with her - Knocked Up & Funny People are the two I know of. Her kids are also adorable. Glad to hear you liked the movie. :)

  5. I really enjoyed This is 40. My favorite part was the tour of Brentwood/Santa Monica. Every place they went I was like "oh wow, we go there" or "that's where we workout!" Love it when that happens! We went to the Farm in November for Marco's birthday with his parents. The food was amazing. The location a bit odd, but overall we enjoyed it.

  6. Ohhh I have been wanting to try do to eggplant parm as we are eating less carbs...you have inspired me!

  7. I really want to see that! I'm planning to wait until it comes out to rent though.