Friday Thoughts

Joel got home late on Wednesday night feeling like shit. We were up the entire night with his cough, aches, and seriously high fever. By morning, when it had reached 102, we made the decision to go to the doctor.

Side note:
This was the first doctors appointment that we went to together. At first it was a little weird - watching him weigh in, and answer questions, but I got used to it and ended up feeling like an official adult couple. The doctor would look at me and tell me what to do to make him feel better, and I was a dutiful "wife to be" and it all around was actually kind of fun.  

She was very concerned with Joel's high temperature but diagnosed him with the dreaded flu. She ended up putting us both on tamiflu, since I've clearly been very exposed, and he is on a 3 hour advil regime as well.

Having a sick fiance is nothing short of having a sick kid in the house - His top requests being ritz crackers, Popsicles, and gatorade. But, hopefully now that we've seen the doctor we will turn a corner sooner than later.

BUT, just to add insult to injury....

I went to CVS to pick up our medicine and it  was an absolute sick person zoo. Apparently all of California - and the country - is sick, and people are starting to freak. We are out of flu shots, and a good chunk of over the counter drugs, so panic ensued as I waited an hour for our prescriptions.

On my way home from picking up our medicine from CVS I was involved in a minor car accident. 

Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but it made scary, loud noise, and created a pretty heated conversation between myself and the other driver - which almost scared me more than the car accident itself.

After thirty minutes we exchanged niceties and phone numbers and hopefully my car won't cost too much to repair. 

It was my first (and hopefully last) car accident and it freaked me the hell out. 

I'm hoping it will be an easy, and cheap fix, and we can all go on our merry way.

This weekend will likely include lots of tea and chicken soup, but hopefully I'll be able to sneak away for a little girl time while Mr. Joel is home sick.

Here's hoping your week turned out a little bit better than mine!



  1. Brutal! Hope Joel is feeling sick, that you stay healthy and that the car repairs are quick and cheap! Here's to a better weekend!

  2. I hope your car is better and I hope you both feel better soon! The flu is awful this year...I ran out and got my flu shot last week while we still had some here in Louisville. Feel better on all accounts, lady!

  3. Car accidents are freaky, I'm glad it only left a scratch.

    I'm typically a flu-shot nay-sayer but I think I may be a believer after this year!

  4. That sucks! I'm glad you're okay though!