Weekend Report

 This is dedicated to my husband at his previous job--a pro at rationing his sick time down to the minutes!

 Honestly, I think most women can attest, a sick man in the house, is basically like having a sick child. And that is really not a dig at Joel, but as his "caretaker" I made it my job to get him back to health as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

There was lots of toasting of toast, pouring of Gatorade, and administrating meds, but we've turned a corner. Even thought Joel isn't 100%, he's heading back to work tomorrow and is on the mend!

I was able to sneak out a few times this weekend leaving "The Sickness" at home. Friday, at Happy Hour, as I thought I was finally catching a break, the bartender spilled my glass of wine all over my phone. The phone was out of commission for all of Friday but dried up and seems to be back in working order.

Saturday, my girlfriend Shelby and I took our dogs on a hike at Runyon Canyon. We walked the entire time, but it was nice workout and so good to get some sun and fresh air. Saturday night, Joel was not able to drink, but we did make a fun dinner and watched Miss America together before we fell asleep at 10.

On Sunday, Shelby and I tested our true athleticism and did another 4 mile run at Westridge canyon. The 2 mile up hill took me 28 minutes, but the way down only 18 minutes - which is quite fast for my slow legs!

After our run we headed to the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market to pick up some goodies. 

 I'm starting a 3 days veggie and fruit cleanse, to get the Mexico vacation off my hips, and last night my dinner was 1 avocado and a heavy side of beets.


I'm only doing this silly thing until Wednesday, and I'm allowing myself tequila which is making this whole thing semi-possible.


And, because, I have to.....my favorite looks of the night! 

EMILY BLUNT photo | Emily Blunt


  1. a sick boyfriend/fiance/husband is TOTALLY the same thing as a sick kid. when my hubby doesn't feel well, he makes sure to tell me AT LEAST 10 times...

    good thing i love him. :)

  2. Those fresh veggies look SO good!

    I loved Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington's dresses too.

  3. How is your low carbing going? When you drink wine, do you ever cave for bread? Thats a weakness of mine!!

  4. Dude. Same hike on Sunday! Tamale, Liam and I were walking, but we love that hike!

  5. So jealous of your hiking/running close by!! Although we hit 16 C on the weekend it's still not dry enough to hike around...hope Joel is feeling better!

  6. Such a good wife taking care of your man! The hikes and run look beautiful, and so does the farmers market!

  7. I need to do a fruit and veggie cleanse, but first I need to move to a climate where said cleanse wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. Those pictures of the farmer's market make me miss Hawaii, I've NEVER been to a more amazing market before.