Wedding Wednesday

I'm something like 150 days from my wedding day - or about 5.5 months.

The thought of it makes me nervous and excited, giddy and overwhelmed, and wedding thoughts are starting to creep into my dreams in the middle of the night.  I've been trying to keep cool, but with every passing week, I feel the knots in my stomach growing a little tighter.

The next big item on the agenda is my 1st wedding shower which is being held in Chicago on February 23rd. I've got my dress and shoes, but now I'm trying to find some hostess gifts that express my gratitude for such an enormous undertaking.
Pasta night gift.
I love the idea of an entire gift basket

Pottery Barn cable knit fleece throw
Chicago. February. Enough said.
Julie Blanner KC Wedding Planner | Entertaining Design DIY Home and Decorating Blog: Hostess Gifts
Monogrammed anything is my new obsession

I want to be thoughtful and creative, and have it be meaningful too. Did you have any gifts that were big hits for your hosts? Do tell.


  1. HOLY COW!

    After all my wedding drama this past week, I think it's hit Mr. RH and I pretty hard that this is real-life and that my entire family is going to be here and, yeah, big stuff going on.

    I love that colander-as-a-gift-basket at the top. It's so practical and also cute. Hmm. I make up a LOT of gifts at work that have soap and fancy little dish towels in them at work, but that's a fairly small and simple gift.

    Honestly, the whole shower thing is stressing me out. Times like this make me REALLY wish my mom were around to organize my relatives so I don't have to.

    I can't believe your wedding is so soon. EEEP!

  2. hostess gifts are a toughie!!! i tried to mix it up for different showers...

    for one, i did ebelskiver pans with mix from williams sonoma which they loved!!

    another i did lucite catchall trays (from nico and lala) with their monograms with a necklace that i picked out for each hostess

    you'll think of something great!

  3. I gave one hostess a cute cupcake tree holder because they love to bake and another set of hosteses steak irons with their initials. If they are throwing you a shower that means they like to entertain so you can't go wrong with some sort of platter or pretty snack bowl.Good luck!

  4. When in doubt I give gifts I know I would like to receive.
    My bridal shower was hosted by my best friend/ MOH and her Mother- so I got them each a gift certificate to the Bliss Spa (enough for a massage or facial) & wrapped it in a box with a pretty thank you card. They loved it.
    You can't go wrong with booze/ food, or in your case anything California-y. I love these gift sets from the St. Helena Olive Oil Company: http://www.sholiveoil.com/store/products/Bruschetta-Lovers-Gift-Set.html
    Or a personalized cutting board: http://www.personalizationmall.com/Personalized-Engraved-Family-Name-Bamboo-Cutting-Board-i39274.item?productid=7363&sdest=Search&sdestid=24212629

  5. I based all my hostess gifts on the people who were throwing it. So try and think about that when you're buying the gift, something THEY would like.

  6. I think any of these are great ideas! When I do gifts I always think about something I would love, typically your hosts would love the same things. :)

  7. For my Wedding Shower hostess gifts I gave beautiful wine toppers from BHLDN.com and then 2 bottles of wine - 1 nice bottle and one silly bottle (Mad Housewife Wine). People seemed to like the mix of thoughtful and funny. Loosened those country clubs right up. :) Good luck! Finding my dresses for the showers was harder for me than finding my wedding dress, haha. It's such a fun experience though; you'll be great!