Weekend Report

 Don't you hate when Friday's at work are the craziest and most stressful? It's really just not supposed to be that way.

But, thankfully at 6, I picked Joel up headed out for a dinner date at Rick Bayless's West Hollywood restaurant Red O. 

 After one spicy margarita in the bar, I was officially on weekend mode.

I really liked the sexy ambiance of the restaurant, and the food was pretty fantastic too - with our favorite dish by far being the ceviche.

Saturday morning I dragged Dawn to do 4 miles at Westridge Canyon with me to work off the chips I shouldn't have eaten the night before. During the run I spotted my celeb crush, Will Arnett, so that clearly made my day.

To keep the theme of the weekend alive, Saturday night we went out with new friends at El Cholo in Santa Monica. It was a pretty different vibe from Red O, not as fancy, but the four of sat at the bar, sipped a lot jalapeno margaritas and just about closed the restaurant down. 

And, from the 30 jalapenos I drank this weekend, I can no longer feel my tongue.  

Sunday I ran around the neighborhood, again, to erase some of the damage from night before.

Sunday night we made soup, had some wine, watched the sags and got ready for the week ahead. 
Here's to another go at it!


  1. You live such a sexy life in Hollywood!!

  2. That margarita looks amazing! You are doing a great job of working out during the weekends btw!

  3. That restaurant looks AMAZING! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. Words cannot describe the jealousy I am feeling over the fact that you saw Will Arnett.