Sweet Nothings

It's getting to that point that everything I need has something to do with the "big day".

And, since my birthday is all the way in May, I'm using Valentine's Day as my next excuse to indulge....

and poke a few hints Joel's way.

1. Perfume for the big day
2. New workout pants to get my booty in shape
3. A pj set for my bachelorette party
4. SoulCycle gift cards, see #2


  1. I need to get on the whole perfume situation. No CLUE what I'm going to wear, I never sniff perfume at the stores. I feel like that's really weird of me.

    Also, ditto on EVERYTHING being for the big day from here on out. Kinda glad my birthday is AFTER our wedding.

  2. Our wish lists are very similar! We dont have a SoulCycle in Richmond but if we did I'm sure I would love it!Hope you had a great weekend!