Wedding Wednesday

Our Honeymoon is officially booked! 

On Monday, June 24th, Joel and I will be off to Kauai, Hawaii for 12 glorious days.


After a few months of researching, we decided to stay at the Grand Hyatt.

They cater really well to honeymoon couples - with discounts on massage, cabanas, and champagne chilled and waiting for us upon arrival. 

Plus, with a saltwater lagoon and super easy access to the ocean, both Joel and I will be happy as clams the entire time.


The resort has seven onsite restaurants and lots of daily activities in case we could somehow get bored. Plus, it's pretty close to a downtown area, and since we are renting a car, we plan to explore the island and different hot spots whenever we can.

Have you been to Kauai? What do we need to do and see?

This is going to be QUITE a year!!


  1. that's awesome! i have never been to hawaii, but really want to go sometime! that resort looks amazing!

  2. This is making me so jealous right now! Hawaii is on my travel wish list... You guys are going to have so much fun!

  3. What a relief to have this booked and out of the way. This is going to be a great get-away to look forward to! I bet you're going to bring home some awesome memories and photos!

  4. my cousins stayed at the Grand Hyatt for their honeymoon and loved it! they said the pools there were beyond amazing!

  5. I am sooooo jealous!!! How fantastic will that be?!?!?! So excited for you both

  6. You are going to love Kauai! I have been going yearly and have stayed at the Grand Hyatt 10+ times. You'll love it and it is very perfect for a honeymoon. Tidepools is my favorite restaurant at the hotel and serves great steaks and local seafood (and amazing mai tais). The lava flows that the hotel makes are pretty incredible too. Also on the Poipu side of the island is one of the most famous restaurants on the island, The Beach House. The views are insane as is the food. It's probably the fanciest restaurant on the island, too. The North Shore is a great place to explore, too, if you're up for a small road trip. There's this little hole in the wall in Hanalei called Tropical Tacos which has great greasy Mexican food. And Hanalei has one of the best beaches, with the BEST views of Hanalei Bay. It's truly a magical place. Sorry to go off on a tangent! Congrats on booking your honeymoon. :)

  7. That hotel looks AMAZING. I can't believe you get to spend TWELVE freaking days in paradise. That's forever, you lucky duck! You will have the BEST time and be so relaxed & tan.

  8. 12 days??? That is AMAZING! Enjoy it. I haven't been so tips here, but I can't wait for your recap!

  9. So fun!! We went to Maui. Loved every minute of it. Enjoy!

  10. I am SO so flipping jealous. I'm not sure we'll be going on a honeymoon at all, at least not this year.

    And this slightly makes me want to cry, although I am thrilled for you.

    I went to the island of Hawaii in 2011 with my family, it was spectacular, although not nearly as lush and beautiful as Kauai.

    You are going to have SUCH an amazing trip. Consider me green with jealousy.