Life Lately thru my iPhone

I love my some tequila, but it's pricey and goes fast - so I've been trying to find a good bottle for less than my favorite $35 bottle of Casadores. I'm actually happy with this $17/bottle from TJ's. It's perfect for taco night!

 While I was in Chicago, Joel decided to take Roscoe out in the mornings on some long trail runs to wear him out during the day while he was at work. I about died when I saw this picture!

And while the two of them were exercising in the great outdoors, I was getting all chummy with my favorite Country Club peeps bartender at home. 

 Speaking of home, I'm so obsessed with the rawhide that my parents added to our den. It feels to rustic to add one to my house here in L.A. but someday, I will be stealing that beauty.

While my mom and I were out shopping for wedding shoes (I found some!!!) and mother of the bride dresses, I also had a little luck in the non-wedding department.

Ivanka Trump kitten heels

*I will be very excited to start shopping for normal things once the wedding is over! 

I had so much fun getting ready for my shower on Saturday. Beyond the pink rose, I loved getting ready with my cousin Gia and my bridesmaids. It felt like the 8th grade dance.

And we snuck in some time to skype with my sister Hannah who is living & working and Mexico and couldn't make it home for the shower.

And lastly, my newest and most favorite shower gift came from my sisters. They added that silver and gold bangle to my wrist.

I was beyond shocked by it - because, I was clearly not expecting that navy blue Yurman box - but 
I seriously love it. I've been wearing a lot of gold jewelry lately and this piece let's me get away with mixing silver and gold.


  1. My favorite your an bracelet! Love the iPad case. Oklahoma's shopping is terrible so I'm left to the internets for certain things and I've had a hard time committing to a case without seeing it! I'd love to know how you like it!

  2. What wedding shoes have you decided on? I've been obsessing over the gold Kate Spade shoes since you posted them on here. I've even seen them in T.J. Maxx for $99 but sadly not in my size.

  3. Aw, how sweet of your sisters! :) I've been obsessed with gold jewelry lately too.

    Love the Kate Spade!

  4. First of all, I could use a bottle of $17 tequila today. Woof, wedding planning.

    Love the pics of your family - you are all SO adorable, can you adopt me? I want sisters and cousins to get ready with!

    Also, I love love LOVE some silver and gold. Amazeballs.