Wedding Wednesday

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. 
So, then, what are the right shoes for the big day?

 I'm kind of a weakling when it comes to high heels - and Joel is only four inches taller than me, so I'm not looking for stiletto pumps or anything of the likes. I want to "sort of" splurge on the shoes, so I would like to find a pair that I can easily wear again, after the wedding.

Taking all of that into account, here are my top contenders (so far):

kate spade new york 'sage' pumpJimmy Choo 'Mara' PumpIvanka Trump 'Dalia' Pumpkate spade new york 'charm' slingback pumpManolo Blahnik 'Carolyne' Pump 
1. kate spade 2. jimmy choo 3. ivanka trump (my mom's suggestion, not my favorite) 4. kate spade 5.manolo blahnik

I have the Kate Spade slingbacks (#4) sitting in my cart at Bloomingdales....should I pull the trigger and just try them?

Did you stay with a nude color? Open toe? Gimmie the goods!

Shoes make me happy and apparently pretty! Thanks Coco #quotes


  1. Everybody was sooo negative about slingbacks when I posted about shoes - I was super surprised, really.

    I love me a slingback, and I've been looking at that glittery Kate Spade pump foreverrr.

    My only hesitation in paying $300 for shoes is that I'm afraid they're going to end up trashed, knowing me. I guess I've only really trashed 2 pairs of shoes in my life, but still. And even if they are trashed, we both know I'll never get rid of them!

    Anyways, my only concern about the glittery shoes is that they might get caught up on your dress. I know with the material of mine, it has to be something smooth. The, um, tulle and lace snag like crazy so I know the glitter won't work.

    As you know, I could talk about this for HOURS. Days. So much life expended over effing shoes.

  2. I am all about pulling the trigger on those Kate Spade heels! Too cute!

    I got a pair of open toed ivory heels that had a bit of bling on them near the toe. Sadly I haven't worn them since. haha I also got yellow flats for the reception, and I actually haven't worn those either since the wedding, which I'm surprised at. Every time I pull them out to wear, I'm not a fan.

  3. Holy love! Gold,sparkles, bow, pull the trigger! Xo

  4. I love number 4. Click that checkout button girl!

  5. As much as I love sling backs (and your choices are all adorable) I am not convinced about them. I have a normal size foot in length (American size 8), however one of my feet is almost half a size shorter and b) I have very narrow feet. That leads to the fact that I slip out of many of them (heel or not) quite easily. To make the best day of my life even more perfect I will probably choose a "secure" option go for a shoe, which will have a strap across, just so that I can't slip out.

    When it comes to color it will depend a little bit on my dress. I was thinking of either having a light gray or a pink sash around my waist (like I said - will depend on the dress, which I haven't picked yet) and I think it would look cute if the shoes go matching with that sash :)

    Love, S.

  6. I wore a flat sandal by Grace (I think) I called them my Jesus shoes. Haha!!

  7. I wore gold glittery pumps on my big day - don't regret it for a second! Every time I peeked at my toes, it made me smile. Go for the KS sparklers!

  8. Pull the trigger on those Kate Spade glitter shoes! Those are my favorite out of all of them :)

  9. I love the Kate Spade ones you have in your cart. Those were my favorite before I even read your comment. Definitely go with those! :)

  10. Pull that trigger!! Those shoes are FABULOUS!!

  11. I need those shoes! I may pull the trigger on them as well!

  12. I think you should order them!! You need to have something a little over the top and fun on your day!

  13. Pull the trigger! I like #5 too.