Friday Thoughts

Did this week seem unusually long and stressful to anyone else? I'm freaking glad it' s Friday. Joel has a surprised date planned for me tonight and Sunday we're having a bunch of people over for Superbowl, so per usual, I'm sure this weekend will fly by and Monday will be here before we know it!

Have you drank the kool-aid and joined Vine yet? I actually think it's kind of fun. I'm "teatimewithtess" if you have an account.


On Monday I ordered a bunch of white dresses for my upcoming bridal showers and bachleroete party, and yet again, I'm stalking the mailbox like a invalid. This was my first time shopping off of Asos.com and I'm hoping the dresses are TTS and semi-decent quality.  If you see flattering, cute, and cheap white dresses, help a girl out!!

Image 1 of Jovonna Rose DressImage 1 of French Connection Lace Dress

 And, hopefully I can look this good in cream.

And, one more thing.....I found this from "The Little Things" and it's just too funny to not share.....have you seen Yolanda from RHOBH in this video? 


Cheers to that!


  1. I love, LOVE that dress on the left. Can't wait to see if it's as gorgeous when you get it!

    And yes, this week makes me want to drink for 4 days on end. And repeat.

  2. Amen to the long and stressful week. Thank God it's Friday!!!!! Can't wait to hear where Joel takes you for your surprise date night. Have fun :)

  3. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the dresses! I haven't ordered from Asos, but I've wanted to! haha

    I'm a little sad it's Friday since it's my last day off work. haha

  4. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I am freaking DYING over this video! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may be the highlight of my weekend - thank you! If this world were mine.....