Friday Thoughts

Dear GOD that was a long week. Coming off of such a great weekend, I was hoping to just glide through the week in my blissful state, but instead I got pelted with a ton of bricks while I was tied up in a chair. Seriously.

But, today is Friday, so it looks like I am going to survive.
 One thing that really helps keep my spirits up are the wedding presents that are starting to arrive. For the most part, I am keeping them all wrapped up and in our guest closet, but I had to let a few of these placemats come out and make an appearance.

My next trip home, in April, I've got two showers, which means I'm on the hunt for some MORE goddamn white dresses. I'm pretty sure after this wedding, me and white dresses will not meet again for a very, very long time. Thankfully though, these showers are hitting in the spring, and the options are way more abundant. 
If you follow me on twitter (@teatimewithtess) you may already know that in my Wednesday SoulCycle class, I rode next to Sophia Vegara. Talk about inspiration, no??
She was much smaller than I was expecting, about 5'7, with a semingly normal figure. Granted, she was wearing a sports bra, but her curves were not that cray cray. 
She was wearing that coat, but different sunnies. This was not the exact day, but same studio!
And, I will say, she snuck out of class early, ran right into the changing room and fussied up before she left (with sunglasses on, of course). Funny enough too, Leslie Mann was in this class and I was really curious if they were going to make chit-chat, but no luck.

Don't you love that the sun is staying out so much later? Literally in LA the sun is setting at 8pm. I love sunnier evenings and longer days. Summer is on its way!


  1. 2 celebrities in your class?! How on earth did you make it through the class. I'm fairly certain I would have been staring and fallen right off my bike lol

  2. I would not be one of those people that "plays it cool" if they see a celebrity and would totally lose it probably. I agree about the week dragging on, I thought it was Thursday when it was Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ha awesome celeb spotting! Yay for more showers! Do you know if it's etiquette to wear white to your wedding showers? Or just your preference. I have friends who have and haven't. I doubt I'll be rocking white at mine. Just being nosey.

  4. Super fun celeb spotting! Love your placemats:)

  5. SO jealous that Sophia Vergara was in your class. I'm obsessed with "Modern Family"!