Friday Thoughts

Tonight (it's Thursday as I write this), Joel and I are starting off "our" weekend with a date to Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room in the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Joel is meeting me there after work, which I think adds a little sexiness to the night. Meeting up in a hotel bar for drinks and cheese plates is totally my kryptonite.

With a long weekend for o Easter, we're planning on checking off quite a few wedding tasks - wedding tie for him and band sizing for us both, and a few other not so fun things, like re-writing my entire address list.

Friday night we are staying home to celebrate our anniversary. We are both making fancy drinks,  indulging in some scallops, shrimp, and sundaes, and drinking a nice bottle of wine.
I'm giving this delicious looking Key Lime Pie martini a try. It's the only recipe I found that doesn't contain milk or cream, two ingredients that seriously repulse me when mixed with booze.

The rest of the weekend should be low key for us famous last words- a few workouts here and there, Easter services, and a small brunch will be about the extent of it.

Have a picture perfect weekend!


  1. Happy weekend to you two!! That drink looks deeelicious.

  2. Sounds like a romantic and productive weekend! Loved the date night outfit you posted on Instagram!

  3. I love the idea of drinks at a hotel, where I'm from that would be a weird thing though as we don't have fabulous hotels!


  4. I can't believe so many drinks are mixed with dairy, wouldn't that curdle?