My Little Things Lately

To be honest, now that we are less than 3 months until my wedding day, it is starting to become all-consuming. The to-do list is long, and daunting, and sometimes I just want to turn it all off and totally ignore it. disclaimer: I'm SO beyond excited to get married, and to imagine the entire wedding weekend, but getting there, at times, is exhausting. 

I'm only getting married once, so I'm trying to enjoy the ride and still maintain a balance in my life and enjoy things that aren't wedding related. I saw my girl Teddi's list of little things that make her happy throughout the week, and I started to collect mine as well. It's been hard to come up with this list, because literally everything we do lately is wedding associated, but, it was cathartic. And, I'm adding more of every item to this week's agenda.

  • The spring weather in Los Angeles does wonders for my overall attitude. And, I even have a sun tan. I never realized how important it is for me to spend time outside, but it really does wonders for me.
  • Sun flowers at Trader Joe's for $3
  • Speaking of Trader Joe's, their organic peanut butter is freaking amazing. And yes, I take a spoon to that jar every.single.day. 
  • I'm such a sucker for Pintrest, but along with that glass of wine you see up top, it's my favorite cool-down activity. My mom used to play Solitare, with a glass of wine, before or after dinner - pretty much after the witching hours of running a house, and now...I totally get it.  
  • Deep cleaning the house
  • Apples and sharp cheddar cheese make a bomb ass lunch combo.
  • Working from home makes me so happy. I look forward to my mornings, my routine with Roscoe, and the ability to multi-task everyday. And, with no commute home, 5'oclock happy hour is never late.
  • Chocolate Chip Candles from Tj.Maxx make my house smell so freaking delicious. I burn candles at all hours of the day but this is my go-to scent and keeps the house calm.
  • My new crock pot seriously makes life really easy (when I remember and prepare to use it)
  • Target's Ribbed Tanks with built in support is the first thing I put on when I get done with work. It is pretty much pajamas, but has enough coverage and shape that you can walk the dog/cook dinner/etc. without feeling like too much of a slob.
C9 by Champion® Womens Ribbed Tank - Assorted Colors
I've got a collection of 4 that I alternate through the week
  • My future Hubs (this is a big thing, but whatevs). He's been very, very good at being a fiance. I try to always give him a warning if it's been one of those days and he's attentive, and calm, and paitent, and makes the entire process very worth it.  
  • Country music
  • Magazine subscriptions make for great mail days. I currently subscribe to three (US weekly, Southern Living, and Shape, but I'm adding a few to this list because they are instant mood lifters!)
  • My Car's Hands Free bluetooth thingy. I call my mom everyday, and I need those chats to happen. Sometimes the call is about nothing more than what I had for dinner the night before, but it sure does make traffic and living far from home, much easier. 
  • Easter candy. Specifically Starburst jellybeans and Cadbury eggs.


  1. I relate to SO many of these! Pinterest is definitely my wind down drug of choice, along with a glass of wine. LOVE flowers at Traders, they are beautiful and so affordable. Also if you like apple and cheddar, try making it a grilled cheese and adding some dijon mustard... holy goodness.

  2. This is a great list! Know you're anxious for that wedding to get her- glad you're finding joy in the small things. And I just have to say that I am super jealous of you LA weather! Grrr...

  3. omg apples and cheddar. love. I have a fruit allergy but I will pre-game with Benadryl to eat that delicious snack.

  4. Apples, peanut butter, and sharp cheese with really good crackers could be my last meal if I ever had to request one. Let's hope I don't.

  5. This is a great list. It's important to remember the little things that bring a smile to our face! And I seriously need to get some of those thanks from Target. I haven't seen those.

  6. Love this list, apples with sharp cheddar, starbust jellybeans AND YOU! Less than three months! HORRAYYYY

  7. OMG I have that tank, the one thats similar to that with purple and the solid black one. They are the only ones Ive found that go down long enough and have decent support with it not feeling like a bra. funny!

  8. How come your blog isn't coming through my reader this week!?

    Looks like I need to get away from google reader sooner rather than later.

  9. Keeping a gratitude journal is such a good idea. Definitely creates happier moods.