Friday Thoughts

This weekend my friends, is Joel's Bachelor party! While they will likely go through the mega Maker's Mark bottle in the first 3 hours, Joel is a smart kid and I'm just excited for him to have a weekend in Palm Springs full of friends, tennis, and booze. He deserves a relaxed, good time, and I'm sure all of that will ensue.

On Sunday night, to cap off his weekend, his two friends that don't leave LA until Monday are going to join us at the Clippers game - which will be my first Staples Center experience - and here is hoping I've got a star studded front row to stalk.

 I think this is a pretty popular bottle, but I picked up two for this week and we've enjoyed both a ton.
It's a really night $9/bottle that is a perfect weekday pour. And on the opposite end, I am seriously obsessed with this coffee. Find it - asap.

Happy weekend ladies.


  1. Apothic is my absolute favorite wine. I just had a glass last night! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So funny! That is my FAVORITE go to wine! I love to buy it and stock up on it!

  3. That coffee sounds delish! I've had that wine, it is very good!

  4. Hope Joel & the boys have a blast in Palm Springs!
    Have fun at the Clippers game!

  5. Hope Joel and the boys had fun and that you had a relaxing weekend at home!