Weekend Report

 With the temps in the 80's all weekend, it felt and smelled like the first weekend of summer here in L.A.

Friday night I went to my friends house for a major catch up session. We decided to be healthy and pick up a salad and bottle of wine at the market rather than spend a bunch of money and unnecessary calories at a restaurant, and I'm so glad we did. It makes for a totally guilt free girls night.

Saturday morning, since we were semi responsible on Friday, we decided to hit the hills at 9am.

However, this Saturday morning, while beautiful here, was also a major reminder of what ISN'T here.  Saturday would have been my Aunt Peggy's 50th birthday. My cousin Gia put it perfectly when she said it was a sluggish day. And it was. Another reminder. On March 10th it will be a full year we've spent without her.

The hike we did - Westridge, is dog friends so we both brought our pups along to wear them out a little. Roscoe is getting so good - a very good update from this post - and he hiked with me leash free the entire time! I was such a proud dog momma.

After the hike, Joel and I hung out for the rest of the afternoon together since we've been two passing ships these days. I made martinis for us to have on the deck and we sat out there until the sun set.

One of the gifts I received from my wedding shower was a slow cooker, and so I decided to break it in with BBQ chicken lettuce wraps.

The slow cooker was so easy to use, and the wraps tasted freaking delish. After dinner we watched Argo - which I was so impressed with - and went to be before 10pm.

Sunday morning the 3 of us went for a walk around the neighborhood and had a really good lunch outside at my favorite spot in Brentwood - Coral Tree Cafe.

I love it mainly because it's only two blocks away from Pinkberry and the flavor of this month is Key Lime Pie which is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Joel's bachelor party is this weekend (and mine is next) and his friends fly in on Thursday, so we have lots of fun things to come up, and with this entire wedding thing, I'm starting to find out that anticipation is just as much fun as the damn activity!


  1. I cannot believe your wedding is coming up SOO soon. Life is just flying by!

    That martini looks amaze-balls.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your wedding will be here before you know it. Time really is flying by!

  3. And now I'm craving pinkberry!
    Looks like a perfect weekend :)

  4. sounds like a great weekend! i love that last quote.