Wedding Wednesday - Tasting!

While I was home in Chicago I was able to finally have the much anticipated menu and cake tasting.

Since Joel is taking all of his vacation time for the wedding and honeymoon, he wasn't able to attend this Friday morning meeting at our venue.

In his absence, I rallied my mom, dad, sister Nellie (1 of the maids of honor) and my cousin Amanda (a bridesmaid).

My venue had us in a mini version of our reception hall with 4 tables set up in linen options and 1 dining table for all of us to eat and drink at.

The first thing we did when we got into the room was select our linens, chairs, silverware, and stemware - which wasn't as long of a process as I was anticipating.

I can't show you the linens we chose (but you won't be surprised) but we decided to go with these pretty chiavari chairs. The gold and silver options they had looked so fake, and I think this chair meshes really well with the room, our colors, and the entire look we are going with.


Our food tasting went without a hitch and everyone was happy with our final selections.

The best part of the tasting, was of course, CAKE!

Each one of us got a heart shaped cut out of the pre-selected cakes that I was able to select before the meeting.

Then, they presented the frosting and fillings and it was a "build your own" style.

It was such a unique - and genius - way of tasting. The crowd favorite was the carrot cake, with a white chocolate filling, and butter cream frosting, and a white fondont layer that will be removed before serving. 

 Now that this major task has been crossed off the list, we're starting to make some serious progress!


  1. That is the most creative tasting Ive ever seen! So impressed. We had those same chairs in brown!

  2. The tastings were the most fun part of wedding planning for us! and what a cool cake display!

  3. That looks so fun! If the tasting alone is any indication of what the actual event will be like, things are going to be fabulous!!

  4. Silly ? Do they usually remove the fondont layer before serving?

  5. The tasting was one of my favorite parts of planning! Sadly, I didn't get an awesome cake tasting like you though!

  6. That is such a cute way to taste cake!

  7. Holy cow, things are rolling right along!

    The chairs are BEAUTIFUL, and damn I want some cake. So so so bad.

  8. That method of tasting seems genius!