I couldn't hold off decorating for fall anymore, so yesterday I dragged the "Halloween" box out of storage and ripped it open like a kid on Christmas.

Until, of course, I found the same five lame pieces of Halloween goodies that I've used for the last four years. 

Buzz. Kill.

Even though my collection is far from good - the lack thereof gives me a chance to stop, think about a few items I want, and buy with purpose

Kristin posted a "Fall Decor To-Do" list, so I'm borrowing her idea and doing the same. 

::: 1::: Craft!
DIY Halloween Wine Bottles.  Drop in glow sticks and they glow! 
These little cuties will be my first DIY in a long time. I'm collecting bottles (which ain't hard) and I'm going to try and follow these directions for six of these bad boys of my own!

Fill my hurricane candles with fall goodies
So pretty

Add a burlap runner to our couch table
tie burlap runner ends with cute ribbon 
Add fall touches to our front door wreath
Fall Berry Wreath --an easy DIY!
Invest in some fun fall signs
Fall sign 
Pumpkin. Candles. Everywhere.
Pumpkin Candles

I'm hoping that by next weekend I'll have made a good dent in this list and can show you what I come up with!

What touches do you add to your house to fall-sify?


  1. Just yesterday I was thinking that I need to get some fall decorations for my new apartment! Obviously I headed to my favorite spot, TJ Maxx but was completely overwhelmed and left with nothing! LOVE this list, definitely good basics to start out with that don't break the bank! Have a great week love!

  2. I love this list, now I wanna do all these!

  3. I really just need to get out and get some hurricanes for our dining table. SO MANY DECOR OPTIONS!

    We have *tons* of Christmas decor which I love but not much for other holidays/seasons. Hurricanes can be switched up so easily.

  4. I can't wait for fall decor. I have promised Ian that we can decorate for Halloween (easily his favorite holiday) this coming Sunday. He already has been googling new Halloween paraphernalia to add to our front yard. Yes, we are THOSE people. :)

  5. My fall decorations are LAME. I think the problem is that I always feel like fall is such a short amount of time. By end of October here it's basically snowing (not quite - but almost!) and then it's game time for Christmas. Nonetheless, I need to do something to my pathetic decorations I have. These ideas are great!

  6. Instead of spending money on those signs, there are tons of free printables on Pinterest that you can just frame. I have a frame that I always change out for the various seasons/holidays. ;)