Weekend Recap

This was the first weekend in a while that it was just Joel and I. 

Beyond one fun outing, we didn't do much.

Saturday morning, before a long hike, I finally broke out some pumpkin flavored goodies.

In my head, it's fall. 

Outside, it's about 90 degrees.

Our hike was freaking hot, but oh so beautiful.

After our workout, we drove up to Malibu Wines to celebrate the wonderful Laura's Golden Birthday. 

Malibu Wines is the perfect spot for a birthday party. Laura's husband had tons of wine, snacks, and carrot cake for us to nosh on while we took in the live music and caught up with friends.

And yes, I was the loon in boots while everyone else looked darling in their sun dresses. This Chicago girl needs to wise up! 


Oh, and we weren't the only one's celebrating a birthday there.

Kaley Cuoco and Ali Fedotowosky were sitting at the table next to us celebrating Amy Davidson's  birthday too.

8 Simple rules cast
 It was another solid celeb sighting!
We had so much fun spending our afternoon there. If it was just a wee bit closer, I'm pretty sure I'd spend every weekend here.

Sunday was spent at Church (yep, that habit is being reinstated in this house), football, laundry, and mimosa's. 

This is my most favorite season and I'm absolutely giddy with all the fun plans we have ahead of us.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."  -anne of green gables


  1. Looks like yall had a great weekend! Still loving that adorable shirt! I am wearing cords and a sweater to work today... and its going to be sunny and 75, who cares if your inside a cold building all day right? Have a great week love!

  2. So awesome that you spotted those celebs! That place sounds so fun! I love wine!!!

  3. Did you know Kaley is Soul(cycle) sister of ours?

  4. Love reading your celeb spottings!

  5. love this post i feel like im all about pumpkin as well =)

  6. 90 degrees? hot damn!

    It's like 2 degrees Celsius here in the mornings now - brrr!!

    Awesome celeb spottings!

  7. Yikes! 90 degree weather is no fun, we had that last week. Hopefully it was the last for us. But I'm not breaking out my boots until the high is low 70s, which should be happening later this week. :)

  8. Kaley Cuoco and Aly Fedowtowsky?! JEALOUS!