Friday's Five

Fall purchases are well underway and this J.Crew blouse is the latest addition to my closet. It was on mega sale, and is easily my new favorite go-to. I literally need about 20 of these light weight, easy, yet put together tops.

I really like the way it looks under a crew-neck sweater, too, a la Damsel in Dior.


Did you catch any of the new pilots that aired this on ABC this week?

My new favorite is Trophy Wife - and I have pretty much decided that I have a major girl crush on Malin Akerman.

I did catch (no pun intended) Back in the Game, and it's enjoyable, but I'm not sure if it has staying power.
Also, I haven't seen that actress since Model Behavior (Justin Timberlake....anyone!?!)


So I bought a Polar watch last week and so far, so good. I was really happy with it until  my cousins showed me their Fitbit.
The Polar watch is a heart rate monitor/watch that you wear during workouts. I really like seeing my heart rate and calorie burn, but it's only for workouts. The fitbit clip onto your bra and is more of an everyday tool. It's a pedometer,  but also shows burned calories for the entire day, not just for a workout.

I'm curious if the Fitbit would be more motivating in an everyday sense than the Polar watch....

Do you use either? Which do you prefer?

What are your thoughts on all of these glam sweatshirts? 

Old Navy
I think they're actually adorable, but I'm curious if it's a trend that will last.

And truth.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your new button down from J.Crew! I am hooked on Scandal but completely looking forward to Revenge and Homeland starting back up... Sunday nights are going to be busy! I think a cute sweatshirt will never go out of style, always great to throw on for running errands or even cleaning around the house! Hope yall have a great weekend!

  2. You always look fabulous - per usual! So..here is what I know on the fit-bit; my BF had the one you clipped onto your bra/belt. It was good, but ultimately he didn't love it for the money. HOWEVER, now they have come out with the fit-bit that you wear on your wrist. It is thin basic black (but may clash with your fab fashion) and you wear it all day. It is more accurate in monitoring steps, can be synced with online apps to log your food, and monitors how well you sleep. I know a few people who have it and love it. They have come up with a few similar products, such as Jawbone. My BF also tried that and loved it but after a month it stopped charging so he returned it and didn't get a new one (luckily he paid the $10 for the extended warranty). I know otherswith the Jawbone and now problems. Overall, I would say if you are going ot make the "Fit-bit plunge" I would go with the newest version which is worn on the wrist, not clipped on the belt/bra. Hope all is well. I still love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. You and Joel look great! ~Annie

  3. AMEN re: wine/happiness :) cheers to the weekend!

  4. I have the fitbit and I love it. It definitely motivates me to get out and walk during a busy workday. Sometimes it is really depressing when I've only walked 2000 steps, but then I know I need to work out or at least go for a walk at night. I also love that it measures incline - living in San Francisco just walking a few blocks is like climbing 20 sets of stairs!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I feel like the fitbit would be uncomfortable wearing it attached to your bra all day long!

    I'm hooked on the J Crew blouses as well. Throw one on and it makes you look so put together with such little effort. Love!

  6. I just found you via the 5 on Friday link and you are adorable! Love your Tory Flats(I couldn't live without mine)! :)

  7. The problem with the fitbit is that it's useless at SoulCycle. It doesn't calculate the spin accurately, so it appears that you're burning more calories on a short walk than in a 45 sweat session. Clearly not the case.

  8. I bought a couple of the "glam" sweatshirts but ones that weren't so blinged out. One is black, which I think will be timeless since it's just up on the collar (it's from ON) and the other is from Aerie, which is all over. But it was SO comfy I had to get it. haha

    Looking great by the way! :)