Girls trip to Mexico

First of all, thank you for all the kind notes and emails about my Aunt Peggy. It meant a lot to me and my family, and I truly thank you. 

For the last week, I slipped down to Punta Mita with my cousin Amanda. She had a work trip that she invited me on, so we decided to extend the trip and stay a few nights at my parents place as well.

After we met in the airport, we immediately freshened up and made our way to Blue Shrimp for our first night out. 

We both kept laughing about our good fotune. The night was beautiful, we were together, and we were in paradise. 

During the days we would read by the pool, break for guacamole and coronas, swim in the pool and then take a nap before dinner. It really wasn't hard to get used to.

If you ever find yourself in Punta Mita, you'll have to email me so that I can send you some of my favorite restaurants. Si seƱor is high on the list, and I took Amanda there on the second night.

For dessert and martini's, we popped into Cafe De Artiste. It's a beautiful boutique hotel and if you happen to be "celebrating a birthday" they will make grand fuss! It's always a fun spot to take people for the first time.

After those two days, we moved to the hotel in the Four Seasons for Amanda's work trip. Everything was provided for us, and we literally lived like kings for four straight days.

At night, her company through lavish dinner parties for almost 300 people. Each night had a different theme and vibe, but it felt like we were going to a fantastic wedding four nights in a row.

The welcoming night was probably my favorite. They had golf carts pick us up, drop us at the main pool where we we're greeted by a mariachi band and margaritas!

The four seasons hotel was absolutely beautiful and we took full advantage of everything they had to offer; room service, pool side drinks, massages, hikes, you name it.

It was the best trip, with the best company, and I wouldn't trade anything for that week with my cousin Amanda. We had such an amazing time, I wish we could have this trip every three months. 


  1. SO fun! You and your cousin look a lot alike! I love how close you are with your cousins too that y'all do that. :)

  2. I am so,so jealous of this trip! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Aaaamazing! And beautiful pictures!!!! Lovveee Mexico! And SO FUN as a girls' trip! xx

  4. Gorgeous! I wish I were there right now. :D

  5. So jealous! I want guac and a mojito!

  6. I might actually be tearing up because this trip looks SO wonderful and amazing. Aren't cousins the best?!

    Of course, I'm sure they're even better in Mexico!