Must Have's

For the last year - I've been aviator obsessed. While I was in Mexico I got a new pair of Ray Ban's, The Erica, and decided to get a little risky with the frame. I have not taken out my aviators once since these bad boys became mine.

 I need this shirt.
I'm also becoming addicted to $5 dollar polish changes. I don't need to get a manicure every week so when I learned about this quick mini-mani I went crazy. They file your nails and keep your nail beds looking pretty - plus paint your nails. There isn't a hand massage, but it takes 10 minutes to go in and go out, so it's super convenient.

And Cajun shrimp is my new go-to spring/summer color. 

I feel like it's the wanna-be teacher in me, but I love "decorating" my office desk. I like it to be a fun place to sit down and spend time everyday, so I picked up a few things to make my office a little more homey.


Have you ever had Tajin? It's a Mexican seasoning, and lot of fruit vendors will shake some on melon and pineapple for a really yummy snack. Well, I'm mildly obsessed with it rimming my glass on a margarita. I tried to make my own at home, but it wasn't the same so I had to pick up a bottle while I was in Mexico a few weeks ago. I'm sure you can find some at a specialty store. You could eat this stuff out of the bottle but it's best served with tequila.

 The weather has been so nice in LA lately that it has me itching to refresh my garden and patio area. I want to add some more color on the patio, add a new outdoor rug, and liven it up a little. 
HOME | cactus 
All of this Mexican influence has me feeling like I should plan a cinco-de-mayo/birthday party for myself. I think I might need to make that happen this year! Is it weird to plan your own birthday parties?
Cinco de Mayo Party | photos by Melanie Grizzel for Camille Styles 
Question for you ladies, are Jack Rogers sturdy? Sturdy enough to trek through Paris? I must have a sturdy sandal to get me through May, and I'm thinking these might be a solid option. Any thoughts?



  1. $5 that's a deal! It's $10 here. Jack Rogers are sturdy but are not comfy at all. I would not advise getting them to wear to do a lot of walking in. I'm sure a few ppl will disagree with me :)

  2. I love my Jacks, and they're definitely sturdy, but I find that they start to hurt my heel if I'm standing/walking all day (at least with my older pairs--I bought a slide version with two straps last summer and they're way more comfortable).

  3. I love my Jacks and have traipsed all over France in them. I think they're super comfortable BUT they are slippery. I slid right down a staircase at the Louvre--embarrassing and painful!

  4. LOVE planning my own parties! There's a cultural norm in NYC that "throwing a birthday party" is inviting all your friends to a bar with the unspoken knowledge that they'll pay for all of your drinks. I like being a HOSTESS and actually putting an event together to include the people I love. I think your idea sounds fabulous and I'll be there in spirit (if I'm invited in spirit, duh) xx

  5. I LOVE those Jack Rogers sandals. I decorate my classroom likes it is my home! ha!

  6. Just to echo what others have said, Jacks are unfortunately NOT the right shoe for travel! The heel does start to hurt after a lot of walking, and they are really slippery and generally unsupportive. They are perfectly comfortable for a day of running errands, etc, and you will never regret buying them because they are cute with everything! I know it's not a sandal but for what its worth, I wore my Toms walking ALL over Barcelona for a full day and those were great!

  7. I need new shades. I may check out some aviators!

  8. I LOVE those Ray Ban's. I've always shied away from aviators, but I need to go try those on!