Workday Outfits

A few years ago I was great about posting my outfits. I did it for myself - and so my mom could see what I was wearing, but lately I've stopped. I think it's because there are so many "fashion blogs" with mini-photoshoots casually happening while the blogger is decked out in c/o clothing.

That's not even close to what I'm trying to do here, so this is a pretty normal look into outfits. It's how I'm using what I have in my closet and how I'm styling it.

I like to look back at these posts if I'm at a loss for an outfit one day, and they keep me trying a little harder to put together a cute look.

This first week I wasn't sure of the office vibe, so my formality is a little all over the place. My office is actually leased in a law office, so even though I don't have a specific dress code, all of these outfits were appropriate - and they all (but Friday's) work well for outside meetings.

First Day! 
J.crew everything: blouse, belt, pants, & shoes

Ann Taylor blouse, necklace & skirt. Ivanka Trump heels.

 DKNY dress and Bandolino shoes

 J.crew jacket, target top, J.crew skirt & turquoise necklace.


  1. Cute! Keep 'em coming. I need inspiration!

  2. Cute work outfits make me sad I have to wear scrubs to work!

  3. So cute! I love what we wore posts but most of the blogs that I read don't usually do them with workwear, which is where I struggle. It is easy to match up a pair of jeans but work clothes can inch into dowdy before you know it. Love your looks!

  4. I work for a tech startup and literally if I show up in sneakers, jeans, and a hoodie nobody would bat an eye.... but lately I've been feeling like I dress like my teenaged self and not like a 29 year old professional woman and wife. I just made a few purchases this weekend for some pretty new blouses for spring/summer wear!

  5. I love that your pictures look like mine! My outfit of the day photos are exactly what I wear for the day! Definitely not glamour shots by any means! I'm glad you are doing this!!! I will definitely use your suggestions for my outfits!!!

  6. Love all of your outfits - especially that pink skirt. You look like such a babe!!

  7. Wednesdays look is my favorite!

  8. Absolutely love your looks! I'm all about looks that are "wearable" and these definitely fit that and are still super cute.

  9. You look so cute! I like the outfit posts.

  10. You are looking so skinny-mini!! Rock it girl!!