Weekend Recap ::: Sushi Girls Night

After my hellish week last week, I couldn't wait for my girls night on Saturday. 

They were so good for my soul. 


And the saki didn't hurt either.

We like to do fun things out of the ordinary, so for this girls night out, Kristin hosted us all at her house for a sushi making night!

After yummy appetizers and a few glasses of almond champagne, we sat down and got rollin'.

Our chef for the night giving us the first demo

The rolls we made were delicious and then Kristin ordered sashimi and speciality rolls from the experts.

I was in charge of dessert, so I got really creative and made a sushi cake (recipe coming tomorrow).


The cake was a big hit and the entire night was just a blast.


My throats been hurting, so last night I had Joel pick me up at 10pm before all the girls went out dancing. I had total #FOMO this morning but hopefully I'll nip the cold in the bud before it turns into anything. 


  1. Love that sushi idea. Sounds like the best evening!

  2. Such a great recap!! Best wishes for a better week. :)

  3. So fun!

    Sorry you got sick though. :( Seems like strep is making the rounds, around with a couple other things. Bleh!