Must Haves

Minnie pant in stretch twill
I'm obsessed and I'm trying to rationalize how many pairs equal too many pairs? The sale price and added 25% discount (HEYSPRING) doesn't help either.

:::Fresh Balm:::

I'm also obsessed with Sugar Rose. It's a really light lip balm, but the color it adds is just perfect. I wish I could tattoo my lips with this color and gloss because it's subtle and natural but adds just the right amount of color. 

:::Gap PureBody Loungewear:::

Marled terry hoodiePure Body leggingsPure Body marled open-front cardigan

I'm on a mission to not look like a total homeless person when I come home and rip off my work clothes (unless of course I'm wearing my minnie's because then I could quite frankly sleep in them). I'm planning a shopping trip this weekend and item #1 is to stock up on some cute at home looks. 

STOP, RUN, AND FIND THIS ROSE. YOU WILL THANK ME, I PROMISE YOU. It's $20 and worth every. single. cent.

:::Easter Candy:::
It seriously gets me worse than Halloween candy. My top two deal breakers are starburst jelly beans and cadbury eggs. 
I would do a lot of bad things for a damn Cadbury egg right now. 

:::Bad Reality Shows:::
I'm sorry but I am hooked on a whole slew of new bad reality shows - namely Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Eric and Jessie, and Southern Charm. Morgan Stewart of RHOBH is so beyond hysterical that I almost cry every single episode. The girl has wit you would buy!

What are you craving this week?


  1. I always see the Sugar balms at Sephora and it looks like I need to try them! I also have been wanting to try a new grapefruit sage mimosa recipe that calls for a Rose, perfect!

  2. I am really into RKOBH. I think Morgan is so funny too!

    Are minnies similar to the pixies?

    I purchased the plain sugar tube awhile back and it literally is the most nourishing lip stuff out there.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Oh gosh, why did you have to tell me about the Minnies on sale + 25% off?? They are like the perfect work pants and I need them in every color!

  4. Just found your cute blog, I need to try those lip balms - they look great! I love a good sparkling rose, especially for a girls' night. I'm going to look for it :)

  5. Totally taking a trip to Target this morning for extra Easter candy. YUM. I just had a dentist appointment and the hygienist asked if I had been hitting the sugar extra hard. Umm... guilty.

  6. Oh my gosh I love every single one of those shows!