10 Things

stop waiting
 This is such a true reminder. Waiting for the weekend for "fun" or to be yourself, is such a waste of our precious time. Since I found this sign on Pintrest, I've really tried to find the good parts of the work week, because there are so many, and sometimes I even like work weeks better than the weekend. I like the routine, the similarities, and the stability that Monday thru Friday give you. 

10 that make me happy every single week

a full DVR
 The best shows happen during the week, and I make a point to watch them. I can normally sneak in one trashy show after I've cooked dinner, while I wait for Joel to come home and it's my favorite time of the day. I have a glass of wine, the house is quiet, my jobs are done, and I can just sit and enjoy my show. 

I really do love coffee, and during the work week I mix up the type of coffee I drink. I allow myself to go to Starbucks twice a week to get a soy latte - which is my favorite of all of my coffee drinks. If I do a workout class in the morning, I'll get a coffee at restaurant in my office building - and I'll just add foamed skim milk to vanilla coffee. And, if I'm home and have enough time for my coffee at home, I just do Dunkin Donuts coffee out of my keurig with vanilla almond milk. I look forward to coffee every night. 
meal planning 
I really love cooking. It gives me a bizarre amount of relaxation and satisfaction to cook and have good meals for Joel and I throughout the week. We eat so much better when I plan out our lunches and dinners, and save a lot of money. Every lunch hour that I have a yummy quinoa salad, I remember why I take the time to do it.

Every single night, without fail, I take a bath before I go to bed. It relaxes my mind and gets my body ready to sleep. I use aveeno's stress relief foaming bath and I have been sleeping so much better at night. I fall asleep right away and don't wake up as many times in the night.

checking the mail
I seriously love getting the mail. I never know what I'm going to find. Even the silly Pottery Barn catalog gets me excited.

workout classes
This is probably the number one thing that gets me through the week. They keep me feeling good, and energized and they keep the week moving. I like to different classes throughout the week to mix it up. On Monday this week Joel and my friend Kristin, and I did a 6am bootcamp. It sucked waking up super early, but I actually loved having it done so early. And it made my Monday a lot better than normal. 

phone dates
 During the week is the only time I really get to catch up with my sisters and friends back in Chicago. I try to talk to someone every single day. It's the only way to really stay in each other's daily lives, and I miss them like crazy. I like to walk the dog and talk to them before I get dinner going - or when I'm stuck in traffic. 

hitting 10,000 steps
During the work week I really keep an eye on my pedometer since I'm sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day. I park on the 4th floor and always take the stairs to try and rack up steps, and I play little games like that every single day to try and sneak in as many steps as I can. I am very guilty of only getting 3,000 steps in a day if I'm not carefully watching.

being at work
I really like the whole process of going to work. I like getting ready in the morning, I like packing up my car and the energy I have in the morning to have a productive day. I love working with my admin who I share an office with, and I live for the days that I have a great day at work.

I spent most of my teen and twenty years thinking perfection was the secret to happiness. Boy, was I wrong. It's in the imperfect, spontaneity of life that wonderful resides.


  1. I love all of these. I've found in such glaring ways recently that it truly is the little things that make up a wonderful life. Even this morning, I had a chat with a total stranger on the subway since we both have pear-shaped diamonds in our engagement rings. It was just a five minute interaction, but it's one of those small things that sets the tone for a really nice day.

  2. We would so be BFF in real life. I LOOOOVE my coffee during the week. I love the idea of coming home after work and cooking! I love to cook, too! I need to try this Aveeno bath stuff! I need to be better about taking a bubble bath in the evenings instead of showers.

  3. LOVE this list! nothing makes me more happy then watching my shows, wine, or coffee!

  4. Love that quote! It is so true. Now that I'm hope with a baby all day I try to find fun in the everyday and it can be hard but this is such a good reminder.

  5. Sometimes I feel really bad about my trashy TV habit... but then I remember how awesome it is, especially with wine.

  6. I take a bath every night too. They are just soooo relaxing. Plus, I love the sound of running water.

  7. phone dates & wine. I need to work on my fitbit.. whoops, it is dead and has been for weeks!