Work Wear

I'm still going through all of my old work clothes from like 3 years ago and I am desperate for a refresh. I keep wanting to go on a shopping spree but I sometimes despise shopping, so I keep putting it off.

J.crew top, Target pants, J.crew python flats

Not only did I get ready at SoulCycle which I realized that this was waaay too much clothing to put on after sweating, but this picture is me walking to the car to put on flipflops.

My boot heel came loose and would have totally broken off if I kept wearing them throughout the day, so this outfit lasted about 3 hours.
Veronica M. sweater, J.Crew leggings, Ivanka Trump boots
 J.crew button down, RL sweater, J.crew minnie pants (LOVE), and TB wedges

 Target dress, J.Crew belt, Ivanka Trump heels

 I totally forgot to take an OOTD picture, and this was at happy hour watching the Vols sadly lose. I was just happy that cold beer was on tap.


  1. You are just too cute! Love your outfits!

  2. I remember you said how much you loved the Minnie pants in your other post. Have you worn the Old Navy skinnies? Those are the only skinnies I've bought so I was wondering what the difference was. :)