Must Have's

::: Hair Nets :::
Shower caps are great for putting your (dirty and dusty) shoes in when you travel.
Yet another reason to start stealing from hotels.

::: Summer Shoes :::
I'm not really a shoe person, but here comes a #2 shoe must have.

I wear the same shoes all the time, and I wear them to death. Most of my shoes have been in my closet for at least 5 years. With Europe coming up, I knew I needed sturdy shoes that I didn't mind walking around in all day/ruining
I bought both and I am OBSESSED. Both are really comfortable, cute, and go with 99% of my wardrobe. The Toms wedges are incredibly comfortable and absolutely adorable with both dresses and pants. I was really surprised by how much I liked them. The converse (Fancy Ox version) should be the ideal walking shoe, I just need to break them in a bit 

 :::Bagels, Bagels, and more Bagels:::
I can't keep bagels in my house because I would eat them for every meal, but since I'm hosting Easter brunch, you better believe I'll be indulging these bad boys. My all time favorite breakfast = bagel, lox and a large mimosa.


::: The Perfect Chair :::
Adirondack Chair Wine Glass Holder by winebarrelproducts #Chair #Wine_Glass Holder
This entire picture just takes me to my happy place.

  This is a 21 day, free mediation challenge. Every day, you get an email with a 20 minute recording/pod cast of Deepak leading you  through mediation/quiet time. There are so many benefits to just twenty minutes of centering your head and thoughts, and this is one of the best led meditations I've ever listened to. Yesterday was my first day, but I really recommend signing up if you are looking for a way to relax and center.

::: Red Stamp App:::

Thanks to my girl, April, all of my Easter Brunch guests received their texted invitations in style.
The app is free and lets you customize invitations and then it saves them in your photo roll to send out to your friends. Another seriously smart invention that I wish I would have thought of first!


  1. What? A text invitation?! Brilliant! I have the same Tom's wedges and they rub the worst blisters on my feet every single time I wear them. Ugh. Glad you had better luck with yours!

  2. I put my shoes in plastic grocery bags when we travel bc I hate to think about the germs touching my clothes!

  3. Did I ever tell you I ended up wearing my gray Toms wedges during my wedding reception? Just when I was about to give up on dancing.... they saved the day. I need a new pair of gray ones because they are all beat to crap.

  4. Hairnets for shoes is a great idea!! I would most definitely eat bagel and lox everyday if allowed haha!