Friday Five ::: Easter Edition

::: 1 :::
 Easter weekend.

For me Easter is the first day of the year where it's acceptable to bring out the white pants and pastel colors. I love seeing everyone's Easter best. I'm thinking about wearing my new black and white graphic pants but I haven't nailed down a top yet. 

::: 2 :::

This year we are having a group friends over for Easter brunch. It will be very casual and I'm basically recreating my menu from last year; Egg and Sausage casseroles, bagels and lox, deviled eggs, banana bread and blueberry lemon bread, and a fruit salad. And lots of flowing mimosa's.

 Now that we have a bigger dining room table, I'm hoping I can make it look a little cuter.

 And lots of flowing mimosa's.

::: 3 :::
 Twigs, white mums and light blue eggs create a gorgeously, understated Easter table. Beautiful crafts, recipes and more can be found at http://www.paaseastereggs.com/index.php
I didn't decorate for Easter at all this year, and I don't feel like spending a ton of money this year either. I'm going to stop at Target for a few fun items and maybe a table runner, and besides some fresh flower from Trader Joe's we are keeping it simple and easy.

::: 4 :::
I'm pretty sure the only Easter basket I'm getting was already sent by my mom last week, but I may treat myself to a few Easter goodies if I get some time this weekend to sneak away to do a little shopping. I really want to get some fun crystal necklaces to jazz up my work clothes during the week.

::: 5 ::: 
Easter is a really special day for us because it was the day we got Roscoe. Well, we got him the day before, but Easter was our first full day with him. It was such a scary day with a new puppy at home, and just like that - two years have gone by.


Have a great weekend and fantastic Easter! 
Spring time-- this weather is such a tease today! But I love it, definitely running outside!!(:


  1. My mom sent me a Clairsonic pedicure brush for Easter! I was like WOW slow your roll Easter Bunny this is the best!

    We're doing brunch on Sunday and I'm sewing some napkins and will probably grab some flowers for the table. I'm not a "tablescape" person - I focus more on the food and the faces around the table!

  2. Your brunch sounds perfect and low key!

  3. Happy Easter!! I got zero in the way of Easter baskets this year. So depressing.

    Does that mean I get to buy something for myself?