Weekend Recap


Why do weekends slip away so fast? This weekend was glorious, and busy, and I could use just one day to chill. I wish I had more pictures to show for all the fun we had, but the only good one I snapped on my phone was the goody above. I think I have a few more on my nice camera, but I'll have to check that later.

Friday Joel and I met up with my cousin and her boyfriend at Gjelina in Venice. The wine was so good, and our food was pretty awesome too, but I just love the vibe of Gjelina. It's a must-see if you are ever visiting. Plus, we got the good news that I have another cousin moving out to LA!

Saturday we prepped for Easter and had our friend Matt stay the night with us. We walked into Westwood Village for Mexican and after a few margs, Matt whipped out the Tinder app and showed us what that goodness is all about.

Sunday we had eight people over for brunch and just ate and drank and caught up with our friends. It was a great Easter, and I still can't get over that we just celebrated EASTER. Wasn't it just Christmas?


  1. I know! I feel like it was just NYE!

  2. I couldn't believe it when my single friend showed me all about Tinder, it was absolutely hilarious to me!