Friday Thoughts

Thankfully this week flew by because I felt like shit all week long. The weather has been really funky in LA, so I'm blaming allergies on my lack of energy, stuffy nose, and congested lungs. It has not been fun.
However, since I've been feeling kind of down since Saturday, I'm fakin' it til I make it this weekend and not letting this get to me.

My cousin Nick is in town for 24 hours, so we have a cousin dinner tonight and then tomorrow I'll be doing a Soul Survivor class. If I survive that, I'm finally getting to the mall and then having a proper date with Joel. 

The weekend has the potential to be one of the best in a while, so I'm really hoping I am in the right head space to enjoy it! 

Next week I really need to get back into working out and eating right. I only squeezed in one workout this week and I've been having eggs and toast every single night. The one nice thing about feeling lousy is that I took an un-planned detox from alcohol which actually felt really good.
And one of these weekends I'm going to start The Husband's Secret. Everyone seems to be loving it, so I need to just start the book and hope I get hooked.

These next two months are packed full of goodies; my friend Shelby is due with her baby boy on April 23rd, my best friend Claire is coming for a girls weekend, I'll celebrate my 26th birthday and Joel and I are going to Paris! One downside? See the ECard above. #shit.

Have a great weekend!!
You decide if you want to be happy!


  1. I've heard My Husband's Secret is so good, I might have to pick it up myself! I'm with you on getting back to working out, this week I only worked out once as well and went for a walk but I need to get my butt in shape! Have a great weekend love!

  2. You'll love The Husband's Secret. Have a great weekend!

  3. I thought my allergies were acting up and today I totally woke up sick. Hopefully it passes ASAP for you!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with balancing workouts and work. It's HARD.

    Also, PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I didn't work out ONCE this week. Hitting the running hard next week! I feel like crap. NEED TO GET THESE LAST TEN POUNDS OFF!

  5. Yuck, the allergy funk hit Cameron and I about two weeks ago. It is no fun, but kudos to you for not letting it get you down! Hope you feel better in time for the weekend!