A Day in the Life

My days are different. 

I work, but not in an office. I do stay home, but I don't have kids. It's a little funny....sometimes lonely and boring, sometimes fulfilling and lovely. 

This post is just an average Wednesday...not much going on...but I think in 3 years time, when I look back, I'll be glad I had this written down.


6:30am -  I'm up and didn't sleep well at all. My new thing, since about the 1st of the year, is to drink my entire 33oz Camelback of water before I get out of bed. It makes a huge difference in my waking up and not feeling sleepy in the morning. I chill in bed for 15 minutes checking my phone before emerging into the real world.

6:50am: I get out of bed and meet Joel in the living room. We are Today Show people so I park myself (still in my pjs and robe) on the couch and Joel brings me coffee. He does this every morning. It's one of my most favorite things about him. 

7:30am: Joel leaves and I watch the news, read blogs, finish my cup of coffee and call my mom. 

8am: Breakfast today was Greek yogurt, honey, gronola, a banana and blackberries. It's amazing. I either have this, or oatmeal with similar toppings.

8:15: I go through my morning emails and get an idea of what is planned for my day at work. And I got majorly sucked into the ShopBop sale, but I'm sorry, 15% off for spending $250 is not  "the best sale ever" so my cart remains full.

9:15: I get dressed in my workout clothes and head to Equionx for a 9:30 spin class

9:30am: This 45 minute spin class is my favorite that Equinox offers. It's no SoulCycle, but It's fast, efficient, fun and I'm home at 10:20 on the dot.

10:30: I have to race to get ready because I have an 11am conference call that is slated for two hours. If I don't get ready before the call, I'll never get ready so I move quickly and had literally 1 minute to spare. 

12:45pm - The call wrapped and I'm beyond starving. I'm actually surprised I waited this long to eat but I somehow made it. Lunch is half a falfel wrap (I had the other half yesterday) and not pictured is half an avocado that I ate with red pepper and a fork.

1:00-3:30: I spend this time making calls, responding to emails, and going through a lot of admin stuff for work. Days that I don't have outside meetings, I try to spend at my desk in the guest room to power through without distractions. Roscoe likes to hang with me, so he is basically my favorite coworker.

3:30: I take Roscoe for a walk so that we can both get some fresh air. I always try and time our afternoon walk with school dismissal. I love seeing all of the hustle and bustle and the kids energy is infectious. Plus, Roscoe appreciates the extra attention.

4pm: I tided up the house a little because I just didn't want to sit down (and I only had 5,000 fitbit steps). I changed out the kitchen towels for St. Patrick's day quickly approaching and cleaned our vacuum's sponge-filter thing which was long over due and disgusting.

4:30pm: I wrap up my work day, send off a few meeting confirmation emails for tomorrow and organize all of my emails their folders. 

4:45pm: My girlfriend Shelby stops over on her way home from work for a glass of wine and some cheese. It's the first time we have sat outside for a happy hour in a few months, and even though it was still a little cool, it was really nice to be out there again.  I need a new outdoor rug, again....Right when Shelby walked in I pulled out all of my dinner ingredients and started roasting tomatoes in the oven.

5:30pm: Shelby left and Joel came home early. He had a meeting down our street so he came home before he normally does which was a nice surprise. I made a new tomato and basil soup recipe for dinner tonight, so I cooked while he worked in the living room. 


6:30pm: Dinner turned out great except as I was blending it (*I need an imersion blender) the lid of the blender flew off and soup went literally everywhere...including the ceiling. All hands on deck for that clean-up process.

6:45pm: Thank God the soup was good after that debacle. And actually, the soup was really, really good. I used this recipe if you're in need of a new one.

7:10pm: Normally Joel cleans up dinner but since he helped me clean up the epic soup spill, I help him do the dishes and I get his lunch packed for tomorrow with leftovers from dinner. 

7:36pm: I'm finishing this blog and Joel is still working. I'm exhausted so I'm going to try and hang with Joel out in the living room until 8 and then I'll take a bath, read until 9, and hit the hay to do it all tomorrow.





  1. Aww this was so fun to read! I didn't know you worked from home. I'm impressed you get dressed in real clothes every day!

  2. Loved reading this--and I agree with you 100% on the ShopBop sale.

  3. I so wish I could enjoy my mornings more like you can. Or even get a workout in. But alas, it's not meant to be since I have to get up at 5:20 so I can be at work by 7. It's a struggle to even get up so I can eat breakfast at home instead of in the car.
    That's why I love days off so much. I would say Saturdays, but it's way more enjoyable during the week while more people are at work. haha

  4. Girl, I am with you on the ShopBop sale! I love a good "Day in the Life" post and yours is no exception! Your day is basically my dream, particularly being able to spend time on a walk with your pup midday-- I have such dog mom guilt when I can't make it home at lunch to see our Molly. Kudos to you for getting up each day and actually getting ready-- the struggle would be real for me to get out of yoga pants :)

  5. Gosh, I KNOW the grass is always greener, but it's hard not to read your day and just get so envious. That schedule sounds like a dream! However, you are so impressively disciplined. If I worked from home I would probably be snacking every ten minutes.

  6. Love the fact you can add "me" time into your work day; quite jealous ;) The whole soup incident has totally happened to me with a blender so I feel your pain! At least dinner was good. And I am quite pleased to hear of this IRL friend Shelby ;)

  7. I'm always so envious of people can work from home! Obviously being a nurse I'll never get that luxury! Loved reading this!
    Ally - Life as I know it

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