Five on Friday

::: ONE :::
So I started Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt and I can't stand it. I also can't stop watching it. It's pretty dumb....it's really dumb...but Ellie Kemper is adorable and for whatever reason I keep finding myself binge watching the damn thing.

::: TWO :::
And speaking of little touches....I found the perfect pillows for my trash to treasure bench that I found last week. Of course, the free bench ends up costing me a pretty penny, but I think it's just darling and adds another area for us to enjoy outside.  

::: THREE :::
It's been so hot here in LA this week which means I keep ruining my dinner appetite with happy hour at Yogurtland, but hot damn I gotta cut this dessert binge I've been on.

::: FOUR :::
Easy easter decor idea
 Are you an Easter decorator? I want to be but I haven't found anything that I love, love. I just decided to host a little Easter brunch for my family that will be in town next weekend, so I want to add a few touches to make the house a little festive without going overboard.

::: FIVE :::
Outdoor Dinner Party | Summer Entertaining | Two Peas & Their Pod california love
 This weekend my in-laws are in town which will keep us plenty busy. Tonight we're grilling kabobs and brats and then tomorrow after a hike and lunch, we're hitting up Plan Check for burgers (we're on a roll lately). I'm sure there will be lots of basketball watching, a few errands, and mainly just soaking up time with Joel's parents while they're in town.

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  1. Love the way your bench turned out, the pillows are favorite! I have started watching a show called Manhattan Love story and it's also not even good but I find myself watching it. Have a great weekend love!

  2. The bench looks amazing! I would have never seen the vision, but you were totally right.
    Also, could not agree more on Kimmy Schmidt. Totally annoying yet entertaining, and netflix just makes it so friggin easy to watch.

  3. I'm not a big easter decorator but I love decorating for Spring. Pinterest has some cute free printables that are adorable framed and Target and Michaels both have some fun (and cheap!) spring stuff.