Weakend Report

Typo intended. I've fallen out of the habit of taking lots of pictures on the weekends and my Monday weekend reports are taking the hit! I'm going to seriously try and change that this week and get back to better posting habits.

So, this weekend while in real life was so, so fun....in blog life looks pretty dang lame.

Friday night we met up with a friend and had dinner at Pono Burger in Santa Monica which is never a bad way to end the work week.

Then, early Saturday morning we drove to San Diego to visit with Joel's family. His parents are spending the first part of their spring break down there and then on Friday will make their way up to us in LA.

We spent most of Saturday at Balboa Park which was beautiful, met up with more family (Hi Uncle Mark!) and just enjoyed the day outside. When we got home we watched basketball, made fish tacos, and had a pretty adorable bath time.

I took one picture of all that fun, but thankfully it was a good one. 

We hit the road early on Sunday to try and spend as much time with my girl Mallory as possible. She was in town visiting her sister, and cut out half of her day to spend with Laura and I.

The three of us, and Joel, had such a fun afternoon drinking wine and catching up on life events. I can't believe that I met both of these girls from this blog.....random blind friend dates that have turned into lifelong friendships.

I had to bail on dinner because my voice was about a 0 by the time they left, but I'm hoping that another day of pounding tea and honey I'll be back to normal.  And I'm going to work on the picture thing!

Everything is going to be OK. by cosmosingapore #Photography #Quotation


  1. Sometimes good weekends = not many pictures because you were too busy enjoying yourself! Good for you!

  2. The cherry on top of a great LA weekend was spending time with all of you! Even if Roscoe wouldn't sit on my lap when I wanted him to RUDE.

  3. Love how your newer friends were met through blogs. I've actually been to Balboa Park during a work trip many years ago! But it was way too long ago to say the least. Time to go back :)