Weekend Report

Things were pretty chill around these parts this weekend...and Joel and I spent most of it together at home. After work on Friday we decided to have a dinner of appetizers, which is truly one of my favorite kinds of dinners.

We noshed on cheese and crackers with sprigs of Rosemary (which is my new obsession), bacon-wrapped dates, and spinach and artichoke dip. 

 And side note, have you ever had the spinach and artichoke dip from Trader Joe's? I'm not a big fan of frozen foods, but this one is legit. I would easily put it in my top 5 favorite TJ's items.

I have to report back on the Amazon FireStick that we bought a few weeks back. We've  gotten a lot of use out of it and we're catching up on movies (and tv shows) that have been on our list for years. We watched Bottle Shock and.....if you are a wine-o and/or a Chris Pine fan.....so that should mean everyone here reading falls in to one or both categories...you've got to watch it. Such a great movie! 

Saturday after the gym I met my cousin Erin for brunch at Tavern and then came home to finish up a few chores we decided to let linger until the weekend. 

We went out Saturday night to Umami burger in Santa Monica and holy hell was it good. There are few things I love more than burgers, fries, and a cold beer. 

Only downside is that both Joel and I were uncomfortably full for like 24 hours after dinner. They pack a strong punch.

Sunday we took the dog for a walk and then made our way to Church.

The weather was perfect on Sunday so we spent almost half of it on the patio listening to music and grilling out. 

I did have to snap this picture because it's equal parts funny and sad, but our new neighbors keep their cat out on the balcony (we don't think all day, but...)...and well...cat is clearly not a big fan of her new digs. 

Today is kind of like my Friday again, even though I am working a conference while I'm Chicago, it's hard for it to feel like work when you're in your favorite place.

 Happy <3


  1. Between the bacon-wrapped dates and the cat acrobatics, I'm in love with this post.

  2. Love your Friday night appetizer dinner! I may need to implement that this week. Hope you're able to have some fun in Chicago, despite working!

  3. Haven't had it in years, but that TJ dip is SUPER LEGIT. MMM dreaming of it now.

    One of my favorite parts of this weekend was realizing it's TWO WEEKS til I see you!

  4. Um I am not a fan of your neighbors. Why have a cat if you confine it to a little porch? Please TP their porch for me ;) Glad you guys had such an amazing weekend. I could eat your apps from Friday every night!

  5. Love some good apps for dinner. I sill haven't invested in that awesome marble cheese plate yet, but keep meaning to. Have a blast in Chicago!! Cant wait to hear all about it.

  6. Poor kitty! Your weekends are always filled with some good eats. :)

  7. If people wouldn't look at me like I was crazy, I would walk around with rosemary shoved up my nose all the time. The smell and taste is everything!!!! I need that dip for an upcoming party. Thanks for the tip!!!

  8. That cat pic is HILARIOUS. I'm sure my cat-loving-husband (I don't even want to talk about it, ugh) would say it's kitty abuse, but I just about died laughing. :)

    Safe travels!