Random Life Updates

:::On our way home from San Diego on Sunday one of our neighbors had this outdoor bench sitting outside for someone else to come and grab. It's the perfect size for our narrow balcony, and even though we don't technically need it....I think it will be a really nice little area once I get a few new pillows to spruce it up. 

:::I've had a bunch of administrative stuff come up at home lately - and dang is that annoying. Along with filing our taxes, I have to get my car registered in California which requires a few tests and a DMV appointment, I was called to Jury Duty in April, and we have to book a bunch of travel arrangements for summer trips. Thank goodness Joel has a built in house manager ;) 

:::The list of house updates I want to make keeps getting longer and longer. Since I know we are going to be in our apartment for at least another year, there are few updates I want to make. I'm loving these shelves that Sarah Tucker found from CB2. They're $55/shelf and I think they would like great in both of our bathrooms. 

:::I've been a little lazy in making dinners during the week and I really need to get back on a better schedule. I made a valiant effort last night, but after I realized I forgot the main ingredient for the dish I was making, bagels and eggs had to work for dinner. 

::: Excuse my post-gym look but I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet on this target hat. I've been looking for a wide brim white hat for the summer and I just couldn't tell if I liked this or not (it could have been in part due to my sweaty hair)....but the more I look at the picture, the more I like it. I've tried the J.crew one on like 10 times but it just doesn't seem wide enough.

That about catches you up. I can't believe it's already Wednesday - have a great rest of the week.

So true.


  1. The hat is adorable! Making my own mental note to search one out at my Target this weekend :) And I feel you on the administrative stuff-- the husband and I got married in November, and I'm still trying to wrap up the name change details, and it's driving me CRAZY.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. The bench is super perfect for your lil area! Love the hat too!

  3. The bench looks SO different with the cushion!!!! Great find!

  4. Yes to the Target hat! You look adorable. Love the bench and those shelves. Admin work stuffs like is so annoying and always creeps up on me.

  5. Love the hat! I've been wanting on of those too for the summer. Thanks for sharing the shelves. They're just what I'm looking for for my bathroom too!
    Ally - Life as I know it